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Can You Please Save Me?

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Outside the elevator, Fang Yu was just about to head downstairs. As the doors opened, he witnessed the scene in front of him and furrowed his brows.

Han Xiner was, after all, a top student that he picked out himself. Plus, she had a close relationship with everyone in the industry. When was she someone that others could casually bully?

"What's happening?" Fang Yu asked the red-faced Han Xiner. "Is it because of Bei Chendong? Does she know the rules? How dare an artist bully someone from PR? Does she still want to survive in the industry?"

"Vice President Fang, I'm fine," Han Xiner held him back, "She will eventually get her just desserts."

As soon as Fang Yu heard this, he understood what Han Xiner meant. Since she decided to enter the industry, she understood the rules of survival. If she couldn't handle her own matters, would she need the support of others every single time something happened?

No one could possibly help her solve her problems for the rest of her life.

Fang Yu let out a gentle laugh and nodded, "Enduring for now and attacking later is a good tactic. Look at your Ning Jie for example, she always sits back and watches the show."

"Yes, I know."

"OK, let's get to work then..."

Fang Yu did not dwell on the issue, but he still mentioned Han Xiner's humiliation to Mo Ting.

Within the industry, according to what he knew, regardless of whether it was himself, Mo Ting or Lu Che, none of them would allow another woman to bully their wife. So the way that Bei Chendong treated Han Xiner made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Mo Ting understood Fang Yu's concern. Although this matter wasn't an important issue for someone as busy as him to worry about, his relationship with Bei Chendong still made him feel like he should give him a phone call after work, "You tried so hard to snatch her over, yet now you're throwing her to one side. What are you trying to do?"

"What's it got to do with you?" Bei Chendong threw back a question childishly.

"I normally wouldn't be bothered to deal with you, but Han Xiner was humiliated by someone at the agency today and it was all your fault."

"If I was Han Xiner, I wouldn't want to talk to you ever again."

"If you're a man, you wouldn't allow your woman to be bullied."

"Plus, you better not call my wife in the middle of the night again. I'm warning you not to bother her."

"I knew you weren't so kind. In the end you're calling because of your wife," Bei Chendong scoffed before hanging up the phone. He was currently on set, but as soon as he hung up, he suddenly instructed the makeup artist to remove his makeup. And within an hour, he was downstairs at Hai Rui.

After waiting for a little while, Han Xiner finally walked out of the front door holding onto some documents. Bei Chendong spotted her in his rear view mirror, so pushed open his door with the intention to walk over. However, passersby quickly gathered around him.

"Isn't that Bei Chendong? Is he here to see Luo Yi?"

"He must be. After all, she is his rumored girlfriend."

"Bei Chendong...can I get an autograph?"

"Bei Chendong..."

Bei Chendong did not expect to cause a commotion. Meanwhile, Han Xiner sped up her pace as soon as she heard Bei Chendong's name. However, Bei Chendong suddenly called out to her and stopped her in her track, "Stand right there! Did I say you could go? Han Xiner!"

Everyone was stunned as they turned to look at Han Xiner.

Didn't the rumors say that they had parted ways?

Why did Bei Chendong appear personally at Hai Rui to look for Han Xiner?

So, he was actually here to look for Han Xiner?

"Dong Ge, what a coincidence. I have to start work early tomorrow, so I'll get going first," Han Xiner turned to leave, but Bei Chendong ran over and stood in her way. He then grabbed her arm and dragged her into his sports car. While everyone was watching, he quickly sped off.

"What are you doing?"

"Did Luo Yi cause trouble for you today?" Bei Chendong stopped the car at a secluded location and turned to question Han Xiner.

"That's none of your business."

"If it's because of me, then it's my business. If my heart wasn't breaking, why would I come look for you?" Bei Chendong blurted. He then faced forward and slowly calmed down, "How much longer are you going to make me wait?"

"I don't care, you're moving to my place tonight."

"You're always on set filming. Even if I move over, you won't be able to see me anyway," Han Xiner mumbled.

"At least knowing that you're at my place would put my heart at peace. I've been making a lot of mistakes on set lately because I keep thinking about you," Bei Chendong's words became more and more shameless. After all, they had already expressed their feelings for each other and knew that they cared about each other deeply. Since that was the case, what was wrong with him taking a step forward?

"Will you agree to move over?"

Han Xiner couldn't understand whether Bei Chendong was lazy because he had a short temper, or whether he had a short temper because he was lazy...

But, this short-tempered lion indeed became normal whenever she was around. However, she still wasn't sure if she could take the leap.

"Forget it, I shouldn't have asked you." After speaking, Bei Chendong directly started the car and drove straight home, completely disregarding Han Xiner's decision.

Afterwards, they ended up in his living room. Bei Chendong directly threw his car keys to one side and said to Han Xiner, "You are more familiar with this place than I am. Settle yourself in, I need to return to the set."

Han Xiner remained still in front of the doorway. So, Bei Chendong turned to her and pleaded, "I beg of you, can you save me?"

"I know you have your own plans in life and things you want to do, but, please don't drift too far away from me. I've already gotten used to having you around, Han Xiner. You can continue to work at Hai Rui if you want, or you could return to my side as my assistant, it's your choice, I don't care. All I for you to be my woman."

Be my woman...

Hearing this, Han Xiner's heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She would be lying if she wasn't moved by his words. After all, not every man was Bei Chendong. Plus, she too had struggled through the last month in pain.

"Why aren't you saying anything?"

Han Xiner was a little stunned, but in the end, she awkwardly looked away and replied, "I don't have any clothes here."

"Wear my clothes."

"But, I don't have any clean underwear..."

"Wear my underwear."

"I'll come with you to the set," Han Xiner blurted. In reality, she too had a lot that she wanted to say to Bei Chendong. If she was to be left alone in this house, she would not get any sleep.

Bei Chendong raised his eyebrows, gesturing that he had no objections. In fact, this was the best outcome. As long as this woman agreed to stay by his side, nothing else mattered.

"You need to drive though!" Bei Chendong picked up his keys and threw them at Han Xiner.

The couple once again left the house, but this time, Bei Chendong leaned his head onto Han Xiner's shoulder as she drove and closed his eyes, "I'm going to have a little nap. It's been a while since I've slept properly. It's all your fault!"

At first, Han Xiner felt a little awkward. But, as she looked down at Bei Chendong's tired face, all she felt was her heart ache. She couldn't imagine what big news was awaiting them the next day.

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Bei Chendong has not been accepted into the wife doting association yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Han xiner, its ok, keep calm and be patient cus in the end you'll be laughing at that tiny weeny artis not she's the one who laughing at u~😈 Oh ho, Chendong using other tactic to woo her , Mahn u r getting closer to ur goal, fighting! Tomorrow headline gonna be a face slap for that tiny weeny artist(i don't remember her name but well idc πŸ€·β€β™€)πŸ˜‚
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