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No One Can Bully You

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"Speak. What's wrong?" Lu Che did not make a sound, but it didn't mean that Mo Ting didn't notice.

Lu Che was a little surprised, but he respectfully approached Mo Ting and explained, "I've already uncovered the truth..."

"What is it?"

After a little bit of time, Lu Che managed to recall the entire story to Mo Ting. On top of that, he also added a bit of his own assumptions, "I did some further investigations and found that Tang Xuan goes to the same hospital for her check-ups. I assume she saw me at the hospital and found out that the Madam wanted to get a medical exam, so she paid off the doctor's to play out her scheme."

"As for her ultimate motive, she didn't simply want to spread rumors that the Madam temporarily couldn't fall pregnant...she actually wanted to get the Madam's uterus removed so she could NEVER fall pregnant."

Mo Ting listened quietly to the results of Lu Che's investigation and notified, "Tang Xuan's returned to the Tang household."

"Then that explains why Tang Xuan did so much to plot against the Madam..." Lu Che tied the findings together. She was obviously using the typical schemes to fight for favoritism. She was afraid that if Tangning also fell pregnant, Elder Tang would not feel pity on her and impede her return to the Tang household. "In that case, what's our next step?"

"Let's arrange for the operation to go ahead and mislead Tang Xuan into believing that Tangning's uterus has been removed."

"Afterwards, arrange a visit to the hospital for me. I want to personally go to the hospital and chase some debts."

"As for dealing with Tang Xuan...I want you to invite the Tang Family to the hospital for a good show without Tang Xuan knowing."

In other words, Mo Ting wanted everyone to see the true Tang Xuan by watching her put on a show like a clown.

The thought of it was quite satisfying...

Lu Che smirked as he did as instructed. He had always been impressed by Mo Ting's methods.

This time, they could both deal with the people from the hospital and warn the Tang Family to be careful. This was the best result.

A moment later, Tangning finished filming and noticed Lu Che standing beside Mo Ting. She knew straight away that the investigation results were in. So she quickly ran over to the two men and asked, "Did you find out who the instigator is?"

Lu Che glanced at Mo Ting. Seeing that Mo Ting did not say anything to stop him, Lu Che nodded, "Yes."

"Who is it?"

"Tang Xuan..."

"What else does she have planned?" Tangning continued to ask.

"She...she wants to get your uterus removed," Lu Che revealed straightforwardly. He understood this was what Mo Ting wanted him to tell her because he had no intention to hide the truth from her - even though the truth was so disgusting.

"Oh..." Tangning gave a simple response. It seemed she had either expected the answer or wasn't surprised by it. "Hubby, what do you plan to do?"

Lu Che also revealed Mo Ting's plan to Tangning. After hearing the plan, Tangning's expression turned cold, "When it comes to this woman, I've long decided not to show mercy."

"Plus, my motto has always been, I won't attack those that don't attack me first. I'm sure you understand, Lu Che."

"I understand."

"If she hurts me, I don't expect too much in return. I'll simply give her back what she deals."

She could endure being hurt. But if Tang Xuan wanted to hurt her and Mo Ting's child, she was seeking her own death.

"What about the Zhong Family?" Tangning asked calmly. Mo Ting looked down and gently stroked her hair, "No one can bully you. If they do..."

"...I will make them pay back ten-fold."

The Zhong Family's shipping business had always been in a sensitive industry. A little bit of carelessness was enough to step over the government's bottom line. If someone wanted to destroy one of their ships, it was much too easy.

"Ning Jie, the next scene is about to start. Please get ready," one of the members of the production crew reminded as they approached her from behind.

Tangning nodded. With the blink of an eye, she was ready for the next scene.


In the end, Tang Xuan had no idea that Mo Ting and Tangning already knew her every move and had a plan of attack against her. She was still dreaming that her scheme would be a success.

That night, Xia Yuling returned home from overseas. As she carried her luggage into the living room, she spotted Tang Xuan. She was a little shocked and almost thought she had walked into the wrong household.

However, the maids quicky scurried over to help her with her luggage and greeted, "Madam, welcome home."

"What is she doing here?" Xia Yuling asked as she pointed at Tang Xuan.

"Auntie, I know I was wrong in the past and caused a lot of pain for both you and Tangning. But I've changed for the better. I hope you can trust me," Tang Xuan stood in the middle of the living room and bowed apologetically at Xia Yuling. "I was wrong, sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

"Wait. I simply want to know what you are doing here," Xia Yuling was no longer the same Xia Yuling from the past. Since she was now the head of the family, she naturally had to clarify things.

" was the chairman that brought her home," one of the maids bravely stepped forward and explained, "It's because the Big Miss is pregnant..."

Xia Yuling's expression darkened as she subconsciously looked at Tang Xuan's stomach. After analyzing her for a while, she turned and asked the maid, "Has she been examined? Is she really pregnant? Or is she putting on an act like they do in movies and using pregnancy as an excuse to return to the Tang Household?"


"Yuling, don't go overboard with your words." Elder Tang had heard the two women arguing, so he quickly hobbled out of the study room with his walking stick.

Tang Xuan didn't say a word. She endured until her eyes turned red and expression pitiful. It seemed she had truly changed.

"Father...since you've handed the family to me, all decisions, big or small, should be made by me. Since Tang Xuan has already been kicked out, why would you let her back in? If you're​ worried about her, you can find her a place to live on the outside. No matter what, she can't take another step into the Tang Household," Xia Yuling said powerfully.


"Grandfather, it's OK, I can leave," Tang Xuan turned around and pretended to leave. But, after taking just one step, she suddenly collapsed onto the floor...

"Yuling, what are you doing? She can't be angered," Elder Tang immediately instructed a member of staff to escort Tang Xuan into his room.

Xia Yuling's expression turned cold. She did not say another word because she realized Tang Xuan had come prepared. Having a child was like having a bargaining chip.

A while later, Elder Tang called for the family doctor. After the doctor finished examining Tang Xuan, she ended up falling asleep.

"Yuling, I beg of you, let Tang Xuan return..."

"You've already let her back in, what's the point of me refusing?" Xia Yuling said before directly returning to her room.

She then gave Tangning a phone call. At this time, Tangning had just finished work.

"'re back."

"Did you know that Tang Xuan returned to the Tang household?" Xia Yuling's heart broke. It seemed like the whole world already knew, but no one thought of telling her.

"I heard a bit about it."

"Don't assume that I don't know Tang Xuan's real intent. She's going to use her pregnancy as an excuse to turn the world upside down."

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