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Where's​ The Evidence?

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"So, you want me to convince the public?" Tangning asked seriously as she looked at Gu Heng. "Gu Heng, I remember I warned you in the past...and I also gave you a chance."

"I know you've always been annoyed that I'm the female lead, while you're merely a supporting character. I also know that you think I secured my role because of Mo Ting so you've thought about making me leave the cast. Am I right?"

"You're making false accusations!" Gu Heng refuted, "To make yourself sound innocent, you've been slandering Bai Qiusheng and I. How can you live with yourself?"

"Slandering?" Tangning repeated this particular word as she lifted an eyebrow, "Are you lying to yourself when you say this?"

"Tangning, stop acting all high and mighty. If you are that great, you should show us some evidence," Bai Qiusheng pointed to Tangning with an anxious look in his eyes, "If you have no evidence, you should stop talking nonsense and shocking everyone for no reason."

"Evidence? Are you referring to this?" Tangning pulled out a photo from her bag of the couple intimately hugging and kissing. However...she didn't only have one. One after another, Tangning pulled out photos of the couple. The photos were taken from all different angles and they were wearing different clothes each time. In fact, they hadn't only met once or twice. It was clear to see that they had been together for at least a year, because all four seasons were represented clearly in the photos.

Bai Qiusheng's face turned pale...

"What? You don't recognize the people in the photos?" Tangning showed the photos to the reporters. "Is this the innocence you all speak of? Please don't offend the word 'acquaintances'."

As soon as the reporters realized there was explosive news to report on, they excitedly passed the photos around. Even though a few were a bit blurry, there were plenty that were clear. It was impossible for Bai Qiusheng to deny.

"Perhaps, you think these photos were Photoshopped? Are you planning to tell the reporters that I created these photos? That's fine, I still have other evidence..." Tangning then pulled out a record of their hotel stays, "Let's see how you explain this."

"Oh God, they've been secretly dating for at least a good few years."

"They must be really good at keeping secrets to have not been discovered!"

"Does this mean, Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng are indeed a couple and everything Tangning has said is the truth?"

The reporters were going crazy; the news they had received was massive! Initially, everyone was already certain that Tangning had hurt someone. Yet, she somehow managed to turn the entire story around in such a thrilling and stimulating way.

Eventually, the photos and hotel records ended up in Director Wei's hands. Director Wei handed them to Gu Heng and asked, "Do you want to have a look?"

Gu Heng's face was white as a sheet of paper, but she still received the evidence from Wei An's hands. By this time, the tips of her fingers were also pale as she trembled.

All this evidence was impossible for her and Bai Qiusheng to deny.

Bai Qiusheng looked at Gu Heng and finally calmed himself down, "Even if Gu Heng and I are in a relationship, it doesn't mean that you didn't pay someone to attack me."

"So, are you admitting that you are in a relationship with Gu Heng?" Tangning looked at Bai Qiusheng and lifted an eyebrow provokingly. He nodded quietly. "So, that's a yes?"

"Since the male lead and supporting actress are a couple, I'm sure everyone can imagine the situation I am in. Especially since Gu Heng does not believe that I deserve the main role."

"This is an action film. Dangerous scenes make up at least 60% of the content and I have scenes with both of them. So, if they were to plot against me and cause an accident. Who would be the final benefactor?"

"Do I need to spell it out? Of course, it's Gu Heng."

"Yes, that's true," the reporters followed Tangning's analysis and began to understand the situation.

"Now, let's look at my rumors. They say I was involved in something indecent in exchange for benefits. Does it make sense for me to do something like that? My husband rules over the entertainment empire. If I accepted the underhanded methods of the industry, did you think I wouldn't be able to get whatever I wanted already?"

"Is there a problem with taking care of an old man? Why can't it be seen as a form of respect?"

"Did you think - by saying all this - you can prove that you didn't pay for someone to attack me?" Bai Qiusheng once again turned the attention back to his injury. Not only did he want to emphasize the main focus of the press conference, he also wanted to draw attention away from his relationship with Gu Heng.

"Then, let me ask you: are you not going to admit that you self-scripted and self-directed your own attack?" Tangning pointed out. "From the brakes of my car malfunctioning; to the rumors; to my phone number being leaked; and finally, claims that I had paid for an attack. Don't you feel like this was all planned?"

The reporters were shocked by Tangning's analysis. If this was really the truth, then Bai Qiusheng was quite frightening.

"Where's the evidence? Your theory sounds good, but do you have any witnesses? Or solid evidence?"

Bai Qiusheng decided to deny everything to the end. As long as he persisted, Tangning would eventually be the ultimate loser.

"You've already been replaced. What's the point of arguing?" Tangning reminded.

Bai Qiusheng came to his senses. He was indeed replaced by Wei An just a moment ago. In fact, he was replaced in front of everyone.

"I don't know anything you're talking about. Unless you can show some evidence, I will fight you to the end."

Tangning did not say anything, but Wei An had already had enough. He had never seen someone as thick-skinned and shameless as Bai Qiusheng. It was hard not to turn on him.

"Sorry, I would like to say a few words. Bai Qiusheng, do you know the true identity of Elder Hei, the man that you insulted?"

A confused expression appeared on Bai Qiusheng's face.

"Ha! You don't even who you offended. Aren't you afraid of slapping yourself in the face?"

"It's true that Tangning helped Elder Hei wash his clothes and cook dinner, but let me tell you, this is not weird at all. Even if she was to be by his side at his deathbed, it would be no surprise, because it is a part of her responsibilities."

Everyone looked at Wei An confusedly. Why was it her responsibilty?

Why did Tangning have to take care of him?

Even Tangning was a bit confused as to why Wei An would say such a thing. What did he mean?

"You should all stop looking at me for an answer. It's best that I get Elder Hei to explain everything himself." After speaking, Wei An pulled out his phone and made a phone call. The hall erupted in chatter; no one knew what Wei An had planned.

"Hmmph, just because he's an investor, does that mean he can do whatever he wants?" Bai Qiusheng sneered.

"He's not an investor though..." Wei An revealed with a smile. But this revelation only made everyone even more curious.


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