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We Will Not be Lenient

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Bai Qiusheng was determined to push Tangning into the firing line. So, as soon as he woke up, he arranged to see the reporters and the police.

He appeared to be quite badly injured. His head was wrapped tightly with a thick layer of bandages, while is pale face made him look extra skinny. As one looked into his eyes, they could see that they were slightly bloodshot.

"The culprit wanted my life..."

"I hope the police can get justice for me by investigating the truth."

"We must punish the instigator!"

"That's enough for now. Qiusheng's condition isn't too good, so we will not be accepting any more interviews today. Regarding his attack, he will hold a press conference to explain everything once he is fully recovered. I hope the media can be understanding towards him," Bai Qiusheng's manager said as he led the reporters out of the hospital room. The only person left behind was a police officer who was recording Bai Qiusheng's statement.

A little while later, the police officer left the hospital and headed over to Hai Rui to summon Tangning.

As soon as everyone heard of this, the entertainment industry was in an uproar. Was Tangning the one that instigated Bai Qiusheng's attack?

If not, why did the police directly summon her and not anyone else?

To avoid commotion, the police did not act during the day. Since they presented Tangning with proper documentation, she had no choice but to cooperate.

Mo Ting offered a meeting room for the police to use as Tangning rushed over from home. Of course, Mo Ting wasn't a force to be reckoned with. As Tangning headed for the room, 3 lawyers followed closely behind.

"Relax, everything will be fine," Mo Ting reassured Tangning as he patted her on the shoulder.

"Yes, I know," Tangning nodded her head. She understood this was normal legal procedure that could not be avoided.

Mo Ting gently patted her on the head as he watched her walk into the meeting room with the lawyers. After she sat down, the police began their interrogation.

"Miss Tang, I would like to show you a video that was recorded on set," the police officer handed Tangning a phone. As soon as Tangning saw it, she smiled.

"This man claimed to be a friend of Bai Qiusheng's. In this video, he was lost, so I merely pointed him the way to where Bai Qiusheng was filming."

The police officer put away the phone and continued with another question, "Then, how do you explain that your phone number was in the culprit's phone?"

"Mr. Police Officer, how do you expect me to answer this question?" Tangning asked calmly. "My phone number was recently leaked to the public - everyone knows it. Yet, you are asking me how he got my number?"

"It has been proven that the man in the video was indeed the person that attacked Bai Qiusheng. We are currently looking for him. As soon as we find him, the truth will be revealed," the police were well aware that they weren't going to get any information from Tangning. After all, their evidence wasn't substantial. So, even though Tangning was the biggest suspect, they couldn't do anything to her.

"We will not be lenient towards any criminal actions whatsoever."

The words of the police seemed to contain a deeper meaning. So Tangning replied in seriousness, "I hope you remember what you have said today."

"Let's go," after they were done with their questions, the police got up to leave. But, just as they started walking out the door, they turned around and added, "Now that things have been blown out of proportion, you are going to be affected. You should take extra note of your safety."

"I have my methods of proving my innocence. Thank you for your concern," Tangning smiled elegantly.

The two police officers were a little surprised by her response, but they quickly turned to leave. However, after they left, Tangning's expression was no longer comfortable and relaxed.

Back during Yue Shanshan's incident, she had also encountered a self-scripted, self-directed act; back then, she remained quiet and kept herself out of it. However, this time, Bai Qiusheng's act had completely dragged her into the midst of the situation and made it impossible for her to get out.

Afterwards, Mo Ting entered the meeting room and held onto Tangning's hand tightly, "Lu Che has already secured some evidence. He will definitely find the man before the police do."

"Why don't we work alongside the police?"

"I need to personally get evidence of your innocence before I hand him over to the police."

Mo Ting was used to taking the initiative. Since Bai Qiusheng wanted to hold a press conference to explain the incident, Mo Ting was going ensure that he put on a good show.

"Trust in Lu Che. Nothing will go wrong."

Tangning nodded her head, "Of course, I'm confident you won't let me suffer from injustice. In reality, I'm more worried about you. I don't care what the public say, because I know the truth will eventually prevail."

"You have a strong heart," Mo Ting hugged Tangning as his heart ached and felt comforted at the same time. They then returned to Mo Ting's office together.

Mo Ting worked while Tangning accompanied him.

Actually, for Tangning, no problem was big enough to drag her down, as long as her man continued to love her.

However, to counterattack Bai Qiusheng, not only did they have to find the man, they also needed to prove that he had a reason. In other words, they had to prove that he was in a relationship with Gu Heng.

Tangning was still unaware of Elder Mo's identity. So, she had no idea that Wei An had already set a trap within a trap.

The public barely heard anything about Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng, so those that knew of their relationship were rare.

Thinking of this, Tangning's expression darkened. She then told Mo Ting, "I want Bei Chendong to help me put on an act to get evidence of Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng's relationship."

"What do you want to do?" Mo Ting asked with an interested smile.

"This plan might work," Tangning stared into Mo Ting's eyes.

Perhaps it was in their DNA, Bei Chendong's ability to impersonate others was impressive, just like Elder Mo's. Mo Ting found a whole heap of Bai Qiusheng's audio recordings and handed them to Bei Chendong. He then asked him to act as Bai Qiusheng.

Of course, Bei Chendong did not want to be involved in this matter. But, not only was a family member being bullied, Han Xiner was also encouraging him to help. So, in the end, Bei Chendong spent some time practicing Bai Qiusheng's voice. After his voice was 80-90% similar, he picked up his phone and called Gu Heng.

At first, Gu Heng did not pick up the phone. But after Bei Chendong sent her a message, she finally picked up.

"Gu Heng speaking."

"It's me," Bei Chendong skillfully imitated Bai Qiusheng.

After hearing a familiar voice, Gu Heng let out a sigh of relief and complained, "Why are you calling me at this time? Didn't we agree not to contact each other for a while?"

"I need to see you about something. We can't meet at home, so I can only meet you outside. Let's meet at our usual meeting spot."

"OK, wait for me there."

"Don't try to call me. I don't want the media to find out."

"Understood," Gu Heng was extremely obedient.

Bei Chendong hung up the phone and threw it aside. He then looked at Han Xiner and Tangning proudly. It was almost like he was telling them not to ask him to do something so simple again, as it was a waste of his time.

Han Xiner made a biting gesture at him, while Tangning looked gloomily out the window. She had her fingers crossed that the person she sent to follow Gu Heng would gain some useful information.

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