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He is Watching The Live Broadcast...

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It didn't take long before the production crew of 'The Lost Relative' held a press release for the commencement of filming. Tangning was confirmed to attend.

For Tangning's fans, this was the last chance to see her for a while before she locked herself away for filming. So, fans gathered from all over the country just for a chance to get close to her.

From the time she was a model to her current career as an actress, her fans witnessed a dramatic change. But, seeing Tangning take each step diligently, they learned a lot of excellent qualities from her.

The press release was the first opportunity for Tangning to meet with the rest of the cast. So, in the backstage, she met Bai Qiusheng and Gu Heng.

Bai Qiusheng was a tall and built man, but he had a gloomy presence. When he didn't talk, people around him would feel slightly repressed; he was exactly like the male lead of the film. Wei An's eyes were definitely sharp when it came to picking his actors.

Then there was Gu Heng. She had a head of long black hair and a polite and well-mannered presence. She was friendly but hard to read. She was obviously the type of person that changed according to who she was talking to.

"I heard your audition was quite impressive. I'm looking forward to working with you," Gu Heng smiled as she reached out her hand for a handshake.

Tangning smiled back as she grabbed her hand and gave it a shake.

"I see you've met?" Wei An suddenly stepped into the waiting room and smiled at them, "It's almost time to go on stage. The reporters are bound to ask some difficult questions, make sure you guys respond properly."

"Don't worry Director Wei," Gu Heng nodded at Wei An.

"But Tangning, how come President Mo isn't here?" Wei An had heard that Mo Ting was Tangning's manager. In fact, she was the only artist he managed. But, how come he didn't see Mo Ting at her audition or her press release?

"He will be here soon," Tangning replied.

Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng exchanged glances but did not say a word. Hearing Mo Ting's name, their disdain towards Tangning increased. However, they hid their true feelings well and weren't discovered.

A little while later, the press release started. Gu Heng stepped on stage first because she was a supporting character.

Thinking of her boyfriend appearing with Tangning, Gu Heng felt a little upset. However, she knew at present, it was best for her to endure.

Not long after, the lead actors stepped up onto the stage. Experiencing the enthusiasm from the crowd, Tangning and Bai Qiusheng greeted the crowd warmly.

"Haha, while President Mo isn't around, can I say that the two main leads make a great couple?" the host bravely joked.

Tangning smiled awkwardly as she received the microphone, "He is watching the live broadcast..."

"Oh, that's right," the female reporter quickly covered her mouth, "Lucky Tangning is here to remind us."

"Actually, they do make quite a good couple."

"Well, of course, in the film they need to look good together. But, in the real world, who could compare to President Mo? Our Ning is married to the best of the best!"

Hearing the discussions of the fans, Gu Heng gave Bai Qiusheng a look of warning. Hearing her lover being tied together with Tangning, it was hard to describe the pain she felt inside. It was almost like her lead role was stolen along with her boyfriend...

However, no one present noticed Gu Heng's expression. After all, her and Bai Qiusheng were secret lovers!

Whilst the event continued progressing, Mo Ting arrived from Hai Rui and sat down right in front of all the fans. This couple stuck by each other's side as expected. Seeing this, the fans erupted in a shrill scream. But, Mo Ting remained calm, as usual, as he looked at Tangning and then scanned his eyes across the other people on stage.

Tangning was standing in line with Gu Heng, so she couldn't see Gu Heng's face nor notice her expression. But, Mo Ting could see something was not right. However, at this point in time, he could only guess that Gu Heng had bad intentions towards Tangning because she had snatched away her lead role and decided they should be more cautious of her.

Following on, the reporters were given some time to ask questions.

Of course, the cast were already prepared to be asked some difficult questions. However, they never expected the first question would immediately strike Gu Heng where it hurt.

"The first question goes to Director Wei. We are well aware that the two women on stage are both excellent actresses, but we would like to know why you chose Tangning over Gu Heng?" a reporter stood up and asked. Her tone was polite, even though her question was quite sharp. However, Wei An had already gotten used to questions like this.

"As you mentioned, these two women are both excellent actresses. But, I believe they each have their own strengths and roles which they are suited to. So, I made my decision based on the outcome that will be the most spectacular."

It was obvious...

...he was playing Tai Chi around the question.

"Could you give us more detail about the strengths you are referring to? In your eyes, what do you think of them?"

Wei An turned and looked at the two women. He then looked back at the reporter and smiled, "In my eyes, Gu Heng is like a ferocious tiger. Her performance is versatile and she knows how to let go of herself. Plus, she is powerful, her fight scenes are impressive and she has the ability to make violence seem aesthetically pleasing."

"As for Tangning, she appears weak on the surface, but she is like a sleeping lion. Not too long ago, I'm sure you all saw her performance in 'Stupid'. Although she started off as an actress, it does not change the fact that she has a talent for acting and is a hard worker."

"They each have their own strengths and cannot be compared."

"Aiya, how could the director make our two beauties sound so beastly?" the host laughed.

"All beauties are beastly!"

"OK, second question is for Qiusheng. You are about to start working with Tangning, so we would like ask on behalf of our female viewers, what are the qualities you look for in a partner?" the reporter quickly changed the focus to Bai Qiusheng.

Dressed in a wine red suit, Bai Qiusheng turned to the cameras and smiled, "She needs to be tall and quiet..."

"Then, looking at the two women beside you, who is more suited to your style?" the host asked nosily as she dragged Tangning and Gu Heng into the conversation.

Bai Qiusheng looked to both sides and replied smoothly, "A woman like Xu Tong is my style."

Xu Tong was the name of Tangning's character in 'The Lost Relative'.

Gu Heng's eyes reddened at this moment. Although she knew he was just playing along, hearing that her boyfriend suited another woman while she was brushed aside, was hard to accept.

The scene playing out in front of her was much too ridiculous.

As a result, her hatred towards Mo Ting and Hai Rui once again increased. But, it wasn't their fault that she couldn't secure such a great resource.

If this was not the most important turning point for her, she would not even consider fighting with Tangning...

...but, unfortunately, she had no choice.

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