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I Would Go to The Depths of Hell

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Xia Jingyi came from a scholarly family. For her, singing was just a hobby because she enjoyed pop music. The reason she entered Hai Rui was not because of her voice, but because she could write her own songs.

She had indeed cooperated with Tang Jingxuan in the past and they were quite familiar with each other. But because of this, she became an easy target for Chairman Zhou.

The entertainment industry had always been a pool of deep water which she had long been prepared for. She knew, behind the glitz and glamor was plenty of darkness.


...did that mean she should stoop so low as to help a villain?

She couldn't change what was happening around her, but she could make her own choices!

After returning to Hai Rui, she spotted Tang Jingxuan practicing his new song in one of the practice rooms. As she listened to his crisp voice, she hesitated for a minute before pushing open the door and walking in.

"Luo Xing, there's something I want to talk to you about."

Tang Jingxuan stopped strumming the guitar in his hands and glanced up at Xia Jingyi, "Let's find a place to talk."

"The roof."

After arriving on the roof together, Tang Jingxuan looked at Xia Jingyi and asked, "What did you want to talk about?"

"Your real name is Tang Jingxuan and you are Tangning's brother, is that true?" Xia Jingyi clenched her fists nervously; she didn't know if she had made the right decision.

Tang Jingxuan was a little surprised. As he stared at Xia Jingyi's delicate face, he nodded his head, "How did you find out?"

"The producer of 'Devil Shooter' found out that I had previously cooperated with you, so he captured my brother and is trying to threaten me into getting information about Tangning through you," Xia Jingyi explained anxiously.

As the gentle wind swept through her hair, she appeared extra innocent and sincere.

"I don't want to do such a thing and I don't want to be pressured by others. So, can you help me think of a way to save my brother?"

Tang Jingxuan looked at Xia Jingyi. She could have easily given in and done as she was told, but she instead chose to be honest.

"Sorry, I never thought someone completely unrelated to us would be implicated by our dangers."

"I know this isn't something you wanted to see happen. But we are in an urgent situation: I need to save my brother, he's only 17..."

"Since your brother is in his hands, he must have surveillance on your entire family," Tang Jingxuan concluded. "This won't do. Even if we save your brother, your father and mother will still be in danger. I'm going to go speak to President Mo..."

"Will he be willing to help save my brother?"

"You don't need to worry. Since this matter involves my sister, he won't sit idly on the sidelines..."

Even if Mo Ting wanted to sit idly by, Tangning would not allow him!

Here, before them, was another person who would go to any lengths for money, including kidnapping and blackmailing...

"This industry sometimes makes me really want to swear! From the outside, it appears so glamorous. I never imagined, behind the facade, it is such a mess," Tang Jingxuan complained. "I can finally see why my sister keeps emphasizing that this industry is different to what I think."

"Take me with you to see President Mo."

"Don't worry, I know you're worried about your brother."


Xia Jingyi was obviously trying her luck when she suggested to tag along, but Tang Jingxuan immediately drove her over to Hyatt Regency. The sun had just set, turning Beijing's night sky a scarlet red. It suddenly made one feel tired.

Mo Ting had just returned home at this moment. As he saw Tang Jingxuan appear with Xia Jingyi, he raised his eyebrows questioningly, "Luo Xing, this is private property."

"Brother-in-law, it's urgent," Tang Jingxuan immediately dragged Xia Jingyi into the living room. At this moment, Tangning was sitting on the sofa reading through scripts.

"What's wrong?"

It took some time, but Xia Jingyi managed to explain the entire situation to the Mo couple. After hearing the whole story, Tangning's expression darkened; she no longer looked aloof from the world like she originally did.

"Ting...regarding this Chairman Zhou, if I ask mom, I'm sure we can get more information about him."

"No need. Lu Che will have information on my desk by tomorrow morning," Mo Ting replied calmly. "He is indeed rich and vulgar. I can't believe he would use such a cliche method to solve an entertainment industry problem."

"What do you plan to do?" Tangning turned and asked Mo Ting.

"Your brother isn't in his hands. If he had really kidnapped your brother, he wouldn't simply ask for news about Tangning, it's not worth the risk. He could have easily exchanged for something much more valuable. He's simply targeting the fact that you are young and naive," Mo Ting explained straightforwardly. "Your brother is definitely​ somewhere safe. Contact your friends and family and ask around."

"I've asked. My parents said his gone on a graduation holiday with his classmates, so I didn't question it because I didn't want them to worry."

"Let me know the details, I'll get someone to investigate immediately," Mo Ting replied, as calm as ever. "If we get news of your brother, then this matter will no longer have anything to do with you. I will handle it on my own."

"But brother-in-law, what about the safety of Jingyi's family?"

"I'll take care of it," Mo Ting said calmly. But, Tang Jingxuan did not respond. So Mo Ting leaned back and raised his eyebrows, "You don't trust me?"

"After managing Hai Rui for so many years, what hasn't your brother-in-law experienced?" Tangning suddenly cut in. "Since his methods are cliche, you don't need to worry."

After hearing Tangning's words, Tang Jingxuan nodded his head and said to Xia Jingyi, "Don't worry, if my sister says everything will be fine, then it will be fine."

"But Luo Xing, you need to take note of Xia Jingyi's safety. She is probably the one that is in the most danger."

"Yes, I know," Tang Jingxuan nodded his head in seriousness before helping Xia Jingyi up from her seat, "Let's go. I'll take you home."

"President Mo, thank you."

Mo Ting nodded his head.

Within Mo Ting's piercing gaze, Xia Jingyi could sense an immeasurable depth. It seemed, this man was much more dangerous than Chairman Zhou...

After Tang Jingxuan and Xia Jingyi left, Tangning turned and looked at Mo Ting, "Ting..."

"I know. I won't let innocent people suffer because of us. There's no need to worry," Mo Ting assured her gently.

"That's good..." Tangning was relieved.

They were in the middle of a film industry battle, but all they saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Mo Ting had long become accustomed to it, so Tangning simply followed him without much thought.

Amongst an industry of glamorous people, Mo Ting was behind them, keeping the industry pure and clean...

Thinking of this, Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's body and wrapped her arms around his waist, "From now on, we can face the darkness together and bask in the same glory!"

"As your wife, I can also handle anything," Tangning said calmly. "So, don't over protect me. For you, I would be brave enough to go to the depths of hell."

Mo Ting had never doubted this point...

As for Chairman Zhou, what did he think he could do?

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Bald_Chanyeol_2 years ago
At least she's brave enough to inform them about the situation. Certain persons would've gone along with it. I like her already. A new ship with Tangning's brother perhaps?? 😌
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Oh. At least the girl is not stupid, unlike the previous actress... i like this kind of developlment.
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