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Something Outrageous

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The release date for 'Stupid' was June 27th. As for 'Devil Shooter', its release date was scheduled for June 28th. There was only one day difference between the two movies.

Unfortunately, the film market wasn't very fair. The film distributors' first impression of a film was based entirely on popularity. Regardless of whether the film was good or bad, as long as it got people talking, they would take extra notice of it.

Of course, the combination of top actor Lin Sheng, French Director Coque and Tangning wasn't as popular as a cast of good looking young actors, after all, young people dominated the film market. So, for those within the industry, they didn't have high hopes for 'Stupid'.

But, in the end, to truly determine if a film was popular or not, they still had to wait and see the attendance numbers.

This was practically 'Stupid's' only lifeline.

The film market was outside of Mo Ting's control, so the film depended entirely on it's own capabilities.

"Even if I don't believe in anything else, I at least believe in your acting," Mo Ting said as he walked over to Tangning and hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her into his embrace, "I feel bad for not being able to come pick you up."

"Why would you feel bad?" Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's embrace feeling a lot calmer then before. This man's hug always seemed to provide her with the strongest sense of security.

"I don't want to miss out on any of your important moments," Mo Ting replied in seriousness, "Because they are also important to me."

Tangning started laughing as she bit down on Mo Ting's neck; this was her way of expressing the complex emotions she felt.

Mo Ting had long become accustomed to this habit. But, as soon as he felt her bite, he responded quickly by pressing her against the sofa, "Let me check if you've lost any weight..."

"President Mo, I like this excuse of yours...because...I also want to know if you've been too busy to take care of your body!"

Mo Ting laughed before lowering his passionate kiss onto her lips...

Tanging responded by running her fingers across her man's body, analyzing every inch of his muscles, "You've gotten skinnier..."

"Because I missed you," Mo Ting said in an enamored tone.

Tanging looked lovingly at the man on top of her and hooked her arms around his neck, "How badly did you miss me?"

"I missed you so much that my heart hurt." After he spoke, he took complete possession of her and showed her his most passionate affection. Even though it was only the afternoon, the living room of their home was filled with a lustful atmosphere.

After their desires were fulfilled, Mo Ting took Tangning into the bathroom for a bath. Seeing his wife had truly returned to his side, he hugged her tightly in his arms not willing to let go, "Don't ever leave me for such a long period of time again. I won't be able to handle it..."

"But, you still visited and saw me every weekend," Tangning pointed out that his 'long period of time' was merely one week.

"If I say it's a long time, then it's a long time!"

Tangning was helpless towards him. It seemed Mo Ting was whining to her like a little kid. But, he was to turn 33 next month...

"'Stupid' will be starting with it's promotions soon. I may have to fly around a lot."

"I'll come with you," Mo Ting responded gently. "Don't forget, I'm your manager. It's reasonable for me to accompany you."

"Aren't you worried about the performance results of 'Stupid' at all?" Tangning turned around and asked. "You put your heart and soul into 'Stupid'. I hope everyone can see the film that my husband wrote."

Mo Ting smiled without saying a word. To him, Tangning's importance to him had long surpassed the dream he once had. He had already planned out the promotional activities ahead, so the final result was in the hands of fate. He simply hoped that Tangning would have the best start in the industry.

"I only care about you!"

"What's with you today?" Tangning asked as she grabbed onto Mo Ting's cleanly shaven chin, "You seem extra clingy."

"I'm tired..."

Tangning held back a smile as she stood up and walked over to the bed. She then patted the spot next to her, "Let's not do anything today. I'll just rest here with you."

Mo Ting walked over and lay down beside her as be buried his head into her chest.

She was like his oxygen...

...a nutrient he would not be able to part with for the rest of his life...


The next day, Tangning and Mo Ting attended the celebration for the completion of 'W.H.'. Of course, right afterwards, they had to jump straight into promoting 'Stupid'. For Tangning to suddenly appear after disappearing for quite a few months, her fans felt like they had been revived, even though they had predicted Mo Ting must have hid her on a secret film set.

"Tangning's finally come out from hiding to promote her film! It's already been 3 months!"

"Although I'm a fan of Tangning's, I actually want to see 'Devil Shooter' more. What should I do?"

"You betrayer! I don't know about you, but I will definitely take my entire family to watch Tangning's new film. If even her own fans don't support her, what is the world coming to?"

"I'm honestly doubtful towards Tangning's acting... If I support her and end up getting slapped in the face, what would I do? I don't have the courage to stick up for her."

"Haiz...I have no confidence in her either."


Online, because of doubt from industry professionals, film fans were also negative towards 'Stupid'. Even though Hai Rui exhausted their efforts at promoting the film, they were still suppressed by the popularity of 'Devil Shooter'.

Industry professionals predicted that 'Stupid' may be the first film produced by Hai Rui that would not make over $500 million dollars.

If that was the case, Mo Ting's decision-making and capabilities may be questioned.

Because of this, Tangning felt extra pressured. She really wanted to prove there was nothing wrong with Mo Ting's judgment, decision-making and capabilities; that he would forever be a legend in the entertainment industry. from the outside world...wasn't looking good.

At this time, something outrageous happened.

Just before 'Stupid' was to hold a pre-screening...

An 'insider' claimed to have seen a preview of 'Stupid' and said it was terrible. She also said that Tangning's acting was nowhere as good as in her audition video and that everyone should avoid seeing it at all costs. On top of that, she also listed 5 reasons why 'Stupid' was no good.

It was hard to tell whether her words were true and it played with people's minds. So, as soon as the post went up, the industry's expectations for 'Stupid' further plummeted.

It was like they already knew that 'Stupid' was a bad film without seeing it.

This was definitely something planned by their rivals. When fighting for audience views, those working behind the scenes were full of schemes.

As a result, the attendance numbers for the pre-screening of 'Stupid' was quite worrying...

Tang Jingxuan thought Mo Ting was leaving everything to the hands of fate. He was so impatient that he ended up stepping out and telling his fans that he'd pay for them to go watch Tangning's film as a way of repaying her for saving him on stage previously.

His fans agreed; they felt Tang Jingxuan was righteous and loyal...even though they didn't normally watch this type of film, they still agreed to support it.

Of course, in the end, they bought tickets to the pre-screening expecting to fall asleep...

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Tingning interaction is so cute, even though it's so little but it's enough for them to feed me dog food (to full) here we go again thing's wife slave doting mood😂😂.. Fans who so hesitate about simple matter is not a true fans at all what a fake fans..
sinon1222 years ago
Cant wait what jingxuans fans think of it!
aistitch2 years ago
yeah they didnt deserve to be called as TN's fans