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If I Go In, Tang Xuan Will Have to Come Out

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It was a rainy night.

Mo Ting organized a luxury car for the mother and daughter to arrive at the hotel.

After shedding herself of the sadness and having Tangning by her side, Xia Yuling appeared a lot brighter than before. A person's presence was determined by what lay beneath the surface. For example, a kind-hearted person would appear calm and unaffected, like a Chrysanthemum flower with exceptional elegance.

The mother and daughter had arrived at a 5 star hotel; a place frequented by celebrities. But, they still attracted everyone's attention.

Xia Yuling was a woman that was brave enough to expose her husband and protect her daughter, so there was an aura glowing from her body that no one could ignore.

"Mom, why don't you just debut as an actress with me? Look at how many people are looking at you," Tangning couldn't help but laugh.

"Have you forgotten how old I am? How could you joke about that?" Xia Yuling couldn't help but smile as she looked around, "Where's Mo Ting?"

"He has other things to do deal with first. Your son-in-law won't get lost," Tangning finally had her mother by her side so she was happier than usual, "Don't worry, he will arrive later..."

"Stop making him work so hard. Otherwise, the Mo Family will be heartbroken."

"My heart is already broken," Tangning hooked her arm around her mother's arm and led her to the elevator. Then, with the guidance of the waiter, they headed to the private room they had booked.

"This way please. The other guests have already arrived."

Xia Yuling retrieved her smile and looked ahead with a prepared confidence. Seeing this, Tangning's expression also became serious.

A moment later, the door to the room flew open. The first person to appear in sight was Elder Tang who was sitting at the head of the table. He simply gripped onto his walking stick and rubbed his hand continuously over the smooth ball head. His expression was powerful but not angry.

Next to him sat Tang Qinwen, leaning back on his chair in a defeated position with a lifeless gaze. It seemed, he still had not recovered from the events earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Tang Yichen and Tang Jingxuan whispered amongst themselves as Tang Xuan glared at the mother and daughter without blinking her eyes. Her gaze was cold and sharp like thorns...

Xia Yuling sneered and sat down with Tangning as she tried her best not to look at her husband.

"Yuling..." Elder Tang cried with a deep aged voice; it sounded empty and distant, like it came from the depths of the valley, "...I never imagined that you had to keep such a big secret for so many years. You have suffered."

"Father...I hope you won't blame me for ruining the Tang Family's reputation. I gave fair warning, but 'someone' did not control themselves, so I had no choice but to do this. After all, no one likes being forced into a dead end..." Xia Yuling replied in a low and firm voice; she knew she had to remain strong to protect Tangning.

Elder Tang nodded his head. After remaining silent for a while, he replied, "Since the whole family is present today, let's sit down and discuss things clearly. We should plan out what to do from now on. Yuling, you are the victim, let me know what you think and I'll try my best to satisfy you..."

"Grandfather..." Tang Xuan cried, "Are you just going to trust that woman?"

"Right now the entire world knows that I am your father's legitimate wife. Why can't you accept the truth? Tang Xuan, I warned you before that I would make you regret."

"Yuling, feel free to speak!" Elder Tang stopped Tang Xuan from talking as he waved his hand at Xia Yuling.

"I want to get a divorce with Tang Qinwen. So, I simply want an even split of our assets and I want to take with me the shares I currently hold for Tangning. Our shares combined will be equivalent to father's amount. Apart from this, I want nothing else because I have also done something I should be sorry about; I've made it hard for the other two children to hold their heads high. However, I do want to know how you plan on dealing with Tang Xuan?" Xia Yuling asked in a strict and serious tone.

After hearing the word divorce, Tang Qinwen finally had a reaction.

He looked at Xia Yuling in disbelief; at the wife that was suddenly so strong...

Elder Tang listened to Xia Yuling's response and lowered his head in careful thought. After quite some time, he finally replied, "Yuling, are you still angry? I am happy to transfer shares to you under my name. But, you've already spent half a lifetime with this jerk, are you sure you want to get a divorce?"

Xia Yuling felt moved, but still replied firmly, "As long as Tang Xuan exists in the household, my daughter and I will not stay around."

"I've already dismissed Tang Xuan from the position of Acting President. From now on, I will no longer let her step foot into the family business. Is that not enough to make you stay?"

"Grandfather..." Tang Xuan screamed as she jumped up from her seat, "I am your granddaughter, I have the Tang Family blood coursing through my veins!"

"You are but a daughter of a mistress," Xia Yuling used the same words Tang Xuan had once said to Tangning. "Your existence is Illegitimate, Tang Xuan."

"If you put it that way, then Sister Two is also..."

"Yichen is different. She is kind, but you are evil! You should really thank your siblings. If not for them, I would have revealed the truth a long time ago and not allowed you to enjoy so many years of glory." Xia Yuling smiled, "Both you and I know what happened with Tangning. Luckily, Tangning was fine this time. Otherwise, I would not have let you off so easily."

After saying these words, Xia Yuling looked at Elder Tang and said with a childish impulse, "Father, if you want me to return home, it's possible. But, if I go in, Tang Xuan will have to come out. After all her wrongdoings, doesn't she deserve to be punished? Or will you continue to protect her and spoil her until she does something even worse?"

"Previously, the way that Tangning left..."

"...I want Tang Xuan to leave in the same way..."

"Tangning got to where she is today without support from the Tang Family. Since Tang Xuan thinks she is so great, she should go out into the world and give it a try. Let's see how the Big Miss of the Tang Family fares up under the same conditions."

Elder Tang once again sat in deep thought. But, because he did not reject the suggestion, Tang Xuan began to panic.

" can't possibly be thinking..."

"OK," Elder Tang agreed straightforwardly. "Since the incident this time was caused by Tang Xuan, she will of course need to face the consequences. It's reasonable for her to be kicked out of the household."

"If you make it happen, then I will return. But...Qinwen and I will solve our own problem, please don't get involved..."

"OK, I won't," Elder Tang nodded.

" can't be so cruel. I'm your granddaughter!" Tang Xuan knelt in front of Elder Tang in a panic, "You can't do this to me."

"Tangning faced the world on her own at 17. I still remember how you were cheering on the day that she left. Now that it's your turn, you finally feel scared?" Elder Tang said. "I've been well aware of the filthy things you've done, but I've given you plenty of chances to change. Not only did you not come to self realization, you continued to push your limits."

"Tang Xuan, you're already 29-years-old, not 19. If you want to be in a position of power, then you need to get out there and test your capabilities."

"The Tang Family...has no place for you..."

"You even schemed against your own sister..."

"If one day, I do something you're not pleased with, will you also try to kill me?"


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"Your existence is illegitimate" SHOTS FIRED 👏👏🔫
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Now that's the face slap I've been waiting for Tang Xuan for a long time. Let's see how you face the outside world. 😆 After watching Tangning suffer, surely you don't think you'll be able to survive without the Tang family protection?
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Damn Elder Tang with the roast. Bye bye Tang Xuan hope the door wont hit you on the way out. Oh wait Mo Ting will make sure it does. Never forget the black belly power of MT.