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Wifey, Are You OK?

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It didn't take long before Tangning and the crew got along harmoniously. The director also no longer used her as a comparison, even though she woke up early every day to practice her moves.

This was because Tangning arrived reasonably late every now and then to remind the director that she wasn't a 'diligent' person.

Gradually, filming started to run smoothly. Because of Tangning and Bei Chendong's seriousness, the other actors became more serious as well.

Also, because of Tangning's professionalism, the 15 days of non-action scenes, ended up being completed in 5 days. In this filming location, Tangning only had action scenes remaining. Her first action scene required her to use a harness and wires to fly across the cliff that would be created using special effects.

"Tangning, we've finally reached the part that you like..."

"You rejected 'Gunshot' for these wires. Let's satisfy you now."

The entire cast laughed.

Tangning also laughed.

Everyone could tell that Tangning's mood was quite good. But no one knew it was because Mo Ting had promised he'd be visiting today.

It was hard to understand why, even though they had been married for quite some time, as soon as Tangning thought of Mo Ting, her heart rate would increase. Her heart overflowed with emotions like it was the first time she met her first love.

"With the horrible weather today, there is a high possibility of a lightning storm, so Tangning's filming will be postponed."

With the director's announcement, everyone was suddenly left with a lot of spare time.

"Ning Jie, why are you getting changed? We are only postponing your shot, not canceling it," Han Xiner asked curiously as she watched Tangning remove her makeup.

"Mo Ting is coming," Tangning replied.

Han Xiner burst out laughing. She had always thought that Tangning didn't care about anything, but it turned out, she still cared about her appearance in front of Mo Ting. "You indeed look a bit ugly, but he will see it on screen sooner or later. I don't think President Mo will mind."

"I want to hug him..." how was she to hug him in her current state?

Han Xiner suddenly stopped talking...because she realized Tangning never hid her feelings for Mo Ting.

"Ning Jie, wait for me, I'll help you," Han Xiner called as she chased after her.

Not far away, a skinny man watched as the two women left the set. He let out a sigh as his hands filled with sweat. Soon...Tangning would be hooked up to her wires. He hoped, the damage he made to the wires wasn't enough to hurt Tangning too seriously...

On top of the mountain, it did not rain. But below the mountain, it poured.

A few nearby towns were hit by this huge storm, so Mo Ting was stuck on the road because of this.

"President, it's impossible to drive through, it's too dangerous," Lu Che said worriedly as he looked at the wet weather outside. "How about we head over tomorrow when the weather clears up. Even if you go now, you would make the Madam worry."

Mo Ting put down the documents in his hands. Within his powerful gaze was a sense of urgency, "Stop at a nearby hotel and contact the production crew. See if they need any assistance."

"OK," Lu Che nodded his head as he turned around.

Afterwards, Mo Ting helplessly pulled out his phone and gave Tangning a phone call. He could only be rest assured after he heard Tangning's voice.


"Wifey, are you OK?"

Tangning was surprised by the way that Mo Ting called her. Who would have thought these words would flow from his mouth so naturally and be so warming.

"I'm fine. It's not raining at the top of the mountain. Don't worry," Tangning replied. "I just saw the news. The nearby towns are all flooded. Whereabouts are you right now?"

"We got halfway, but Lu Che has already turned the car around. We are heading to a nearby hotel for one night and will head over once the weather clears."

After hearing Mo Ting's response, Tangning was a little worried, "Why don't you guys return to Beijing. You can come another time."

"I don't want to break the promise I made to you," Mo Ting replied. "Don't worry, I'm nearby."

If she had known that Mo Ting would rush to her side like this, she wouldn't have agreed to his suggestion of seeing each other every 5 days. Especially since she knew he was tired and had a lot of work...

"In that case, take care. Give me a call every now and then to let me know you are safe."


Lu Che didn't know if he was imagining things. But after he returned from meeting his parents with long Jie, he felt that Mo Ting's care for Tangning had once again upgraded a level.

How did he manage to remain cold to everyone while focusing all his gentleness on one person?

"Lu Che, have you contacted the production crew?"

Hearing this question, Lu Che snapped out of his daze, "President, the director said not to worry. Everything is fine, so you don't need to worry."

How could he not worry? His most precious treasure was still on top of the mountain...


"Ning Jie, President Mo can't make it, can he?" Han Xiner grabbed onto Tangning's arm comfortingly as she noticed Tangning's expression changed. "Don't worry, there's always next time. Plus, with President Mo's​ capability, there's no situation that he can't overcome."

"You're not married yet, so you wouldn't understand...Xiner, even though he appears invincible in everyone's eyes, I will still always worry about him," Tangning lowered her head and looked at her phone.

"I understand..." Han Xiner emphasized. "Who told you guys to be so in love?"

A moment later, Tangning received a message from Mo Ting. He had arrived at the hotel, so Tangning no longer had to worry.

Tangning let out a sigh of relief. However, that night, she still couldn't sleep.

The next morning, the weather cleared and Tangning once again received a phone call from Mo Ting. The flood had subsided and he was back on the road.

Tangning thought to herself: from now on, she wasn't going to take on a dangerous film like this again. Otherwise, she would have to spend months on edge.

Since the weather had cleared up, it was time to film action scenes. But, Tangning requested to the director, "Could we postpone it a little more?"

"What's wrong?"

"President Mo is on his way," Han Xiner explained.

The director nodded his head, "OK, we'll film it later then. That way you can put in a few good words to President Mo for me."

"Thank you director."

The director waved his hand casually. In reality, Tangning's professionalism had already cut everyone's workload in half, so postponing a couple hours wasn't a big deal.

"I'm already here..."

Han Xiner turned around and noticed Mo Ting standing behind Tangning, so she elbowed her in the waist.

Tangning took the cue and turned around. Her heart immediately began to race. No matter how many times she saw Mo Ting, it would still feel like the first time.

"Look, it's the CEO of Hai Rui."

"Oh, President Mo... He sure is handsome."

"Even if he's handsome, he already belongs to someone else. Don't even think about it!"

"Exactly. The President is here to see his wife..."

Discussions erupted on set. At this time, Tangning grabbed Mo Ting's hand and pulled him to her tent like she was hiding her belonging from the eyes of everyone.

"It's only been a few days, but why have you lost so much weight?" Mo Ting asked as he grabbed Tangning's cheeks.

Tangning hugged him; she didn't care about anything else, she simply hugged him...

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