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I am Tangning's Husband

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"What shoot? Don't even think of stepping foot out of this household!" Elder Tang gestured for his assistant to close the doors, "Tangning, it's time you focus on more serious things. You should put an end to any ridiculous relationships you have on the outside."

Tangning watched as the front door shut, but she did not panic. She simply turned to face Elder Tang and said, "Grandfather, you won't be able to keep me locked up forever."

Elder Tang stared at Tangning. Actually, he was well aware that Tangning was no longer the child that used to put up with everything; her willpower was stronger than ever. But, he still insisted, "I will lock you up for as long as I can."

Tang Xuan was still kneeling on the ground sobbing as she sneered. She finally realized that Elder Tang's intention all along had been to get Tangning to return home, she stood up and laughed, "Grandfather, you decided long ago that you were going to make Tangning return home, am I right?"

"This has always been her home!"

"What right does this b*tch have?" After speaking, Tang Xuan stood up and pounced at the fruit bowl on the coffee table, grabbing the fruit knife and placing it against her wrist, "What if I say, it's either me or her?"

"Tang Xuan..." Elder Tang immediately panicked as he tried to stand up, almost losing grip on his walking stick, "What are you doing?!"

"Grandfather, I am being serious. This family only has space for one of us!" After speaking, Tang Xuan bit down on her lip as blood flowed from her wrist...

"Don't do something stupid," Elder Tang pounced towards Tang Xuan and grabbed onto her wrist. He then turned to his assistant, "Hurry, get me the first-aid kit!"

Seeing Elder Tang's love for her, Tang Xuan buried herself in Elder Tang's embrace and started crying, "Grandfather, aren't things fine the way they currently are? Why must we allow an outsider in our home? Since she's been away for 9 years, it must mean she's never considered us as her family. Why must we make things difficult for each other?"

"If you have something to say, then say it. Why resort to doing something so stupid?" Elder Tang almost overflowed with anger. 

"Grandfather, promise me that you won't let Tangning return. Promise me."

Seeing Tang Xuan still wanted to take extreme measures, Elder Tang had no choice but to agree, "Fine, I promise, I promise..."

Hearing his promise, Tangning felt the last remaining bit of warmth in her heart had disappeared...

"Xiao Ning, leave first. Father will personally come pick you up another day," Father Tang said to Tangning pleadingly.

"Pick me up? There's no your focus on your eldest daughter instead. From today onwards, the Tang Family and I will go our separate ways. Which also means, if Tang Xuan provokes me again, I will make her life a living hell." After speaking, Tangning took a couple steps back. Just as she was about to leave, the housekeeper hurried in again and reported to Elder Tang.

"Chairman, the CEO of Hai Rui has arrived."

"I don't want to see him," Elder Tang replied in an annoyed manner.

"Let him in," Tangning retorted.


"Tangning, an outsider has no business here..."

"If anyone prevents him from coming in, I will ram my head against this pillar. What do you say grandfather?" Tangning pointed to a Roman-style pillar.

Filled with guilt, Elder Tang had no choice but to nod his head.

The housekeeper understood Elder Tang's gesture and immediately led Mo Ting into the manor. However, Mo Ting did not come alone. Accompanying him were about 20 bodyguards that entered the living room in a sea of black.

"President Mo, aren't you putting up too much of a front?" Elder Tang sneered in a dignified manner.

Mo Ting did not respond to Elder Tang. He simply waved at Tangning.

Tangning's tears were about to force their way out of her eyes, but she held them back as she rushed over to Mo Ting and buried her head in his chest. In a raspy voice, she requested, "Hubby...take me away from here."

"OK, I'll handle it," Mo Ting stretched out his hand and patted Tangning on the head before he placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Too much? How come I still feel it's not enough? The Mo Family always travels like this," Mo Ting replied calmly.

"This is the Tang Family not the Mo Family."

"But, the Tang Family is bullying someone from the Mo Family!" Mo Ting's voice contained a trace of intimidation and darkness. The piercing look in his eyes were comparable to Elder Tang's.

"Tangning is my granddaughter. When did she become a part of the Mo Family?"

Mo Ting couldn't be bothered to waste another breath as he directly pulled out his and Tangning's marriage certificate, "I am Tangning's husband. So old man, is she not a part of the Mo Family?"

Elder Tang: "..."

"If possible, I would like you to pretend that you never gave birth to Tangning. For family to act the way that you guys do, I feel shame on your behalf."

"Since Tangning is my wife, she doesn't need a cent from you guys. The Mo Family has enough assets to guarantee her 10 lifetimes of luxury. If she is to return to the Tang Family, you will be the ones to kneel before her..."

"From today onwards, I'm taking Tangning with me..."

"She no longer has anything to do with any of you."

"If anyone wants to bully her again. You will need to get past me first!" After speaking, Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning and led her out. However, the Tang Family naturally tried to stop them...

Of course, the men brought by President Mo weren't weak; they were experienced fighters.

So in the end, the Tang Family servants all had to surrender to Mo Ting's deadly glare as they watched him lead Tangning out of the Tang Family home.

Elder Tang was so angry his entire body trembled, but he couldn't stop them.

He was well aware that there was one undeniable truth: today's meeting had drawn a huge gap between him and Tangning.

"Xiao Ning...when did you get married? How come we didn't know about it?" Father Tang asked in shock. "You even married into the Mo Family..."

Mother Tang had long lost her patience. At this point, she could only laugh, "Only now do I realize, to Elder Tang, Tangning and I are no better than a couple of animals."

"Good on you for getting married... Being able to marry Mo Ting and becoming a part of the Mo Family is better than what your mother has achieved."

"From now on, you know longer have to put up with the judgment of others."

"Madam, what are you saying?" Father Tang grabbed onto Mother Tang's shoulders. "Don't make things more complicated..."

"Marrying into the Mo Family means 'someone's' husband can never compare. You've finally helped your mother win back a bit of pride."

After speaking, Mother Tang pushed Father Tang aside and returned to their bedroom.

All these years...

After all these years, this was the first time she felt proud in front of the Tang Family.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Tang Family were also in shock. Tang Xuan naturally grew angrier than before, whereas Tang Yichen wanted to stay out of the family argument as much as possible. As for Tang Jingxuan, his eyes glowed as he watched Mo Ting's back disappear from sight, "Sis, was that the CEO of Hai Rui? Was it?"

"Jingxuan, what do you want to do?"

"I want to release an album!"

"You can try if you're not afraid that grandfather will break your legs."

"But, Mo Ting is now my brother-in-law!" Tang Jingxuan cheered.

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Bald_Chanyeol_2 years ago
At least someone's excited. He even wanted to release an album πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the update. Mind giving us a mass release? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
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The entire tang family is awful. Honestly even the grandpa which cares about her is too much. Go husband ~ you tell them straight that they can't bully your wife.