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Are You a Spy From Star King?

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"Manni, what is President Mo thinking?" her manager asked curiously. "Where did she come from? How did she manage to make President Mo her personal manager...even when it came to you, President Mo never paid much attention."

"How would I know?"

"You've helped Hai Rui suppress Star King for so many years, don't tell me President Mo hasn't noticed?"

"It's frustrating, don't talk about it anymore," Zhen Manni put on her headphones, crossed her arms and closed her eyes.

"Actually, you could have left Hai Rui ages ago...Manni, what else can Hai Rui give you? You have already reached the pinnacle."

"If you don't shut up, then get out," Zhen Manni kept her eyes closed; her mood was stale. Why hadn't she left Hai Rui? Apart from Mo Ting, what other reason did she have? In the past, she hadn't heard any scandals about Mo Ting, so she was quite rest assured. At least, if he didn't pick her, he didn't pick anyone else either. But now, Tangning suddenly appeared out of nowhere...

She even got the support of the entire Hai Rui and Mo Ting...

If she had stayed overseas for another year or so, would she have completely lost her status in Hai Rui?

"I found some information about Tangning, do you want to see it? Earlier today, she went on 'Super Interview' and used President Mo as a selling point the entire time. Don't you think a woman like this is a little dangerous?"

Zhen Manni finally opened her eyes and received the laptop from her manager. However, she didn't have the patience to look into Tangning in detail. She simply scanned her eyes over the information and returned the laptop to her manager, Charlene.

Within this vain industry, no one's youth could withstand the test of time. So, being able to find a stable person for support was something everyone in the industry took into consideration.

Mo Ting was the object of many women's pursuit. They weren't wrong to have this desire, however, some were further from their goal than others.

Within Hai Rui, Zhen Manni was pretty much the closest woman to Mo Ting. However, today she suddenly realized, no matter how high she climbed and how much she achieved, her and Mo Ting would never be on the same page. This realization put her into a panic and made her unsure of what to do. 

"Manni, you have a phone call from Huo Jingjing."

"Ignore it!"

"But rumor has it, Huo Jingjing and Tangning are really close," Charlene explained.

Zhen Manni took a deep breath and calmed herself down before picking up the phone, "Zhen Manni speaking."

"You've returned today, haven't you? Do you want to meet up later?" Huo Jingjing suggested. "I haven't seen you in almost half a year...last time we only briefly saw each overseas on the runway."

"I don't want to meet up today...I'm a bit tired," Zhen Manni rejected. However, after thinking for a second, she sat up straight and asked, "What's with this Tangning? Where did she come from? Why did President Mo become her manager?"

The entire motive behind Huo Jingjing's phone call was not actually to ask her to dinner; she actually wanted to test Zhen Manni's attitude towards Tangning.

Someone who pursued her career away from Hai Rui, was her heart still with them? As expected...

...Zhen Manni was obviously displeased with Tangning.

"This is President Mo's matter, how would I know what's going on?" Huo Jingjing passed the responsibility to Mo Ting and decided not to mention Tangning in front of Zhen Manni.

"In that case, I'll hang up now and get some rest."

Huo Jingjing put down her phone and suddenly felt a little worried for Tangning. All these years, Zhen Manni had a proud existence in Hai Rui. With the sudden appearance of Tangning as a threat, there was no way she'd be willing to accept it. Even though Hai Rui was generally quite united...Zhen Manni barely shared her thoughts with others. Whether she was going to cause trouble for Tangning was beyond anyone's control.

"Manni, if you feel that your status is being threatened at Hai Rui...we can always change to Star King!" her manager suggested.

Zhen Manni crossed her arms and glared at her manager, "Are you a spy from Star King?"

Charlene was dumbfounded...

Was she being too obvious? In reality, Zhen Manni wasn't dumb, she was just a bit showy, but that was her personality.

So, as soon as her manager made this suggestion, she had her suspicions...

"Recently, I feel like you've been encouraging me to change agencies quite often."

"Manni, you're thinking too much into it. I simply feel things are unfair for you. If he wanted to be someone's personal manager, he should have chosen you," her manager quickly tried to explain.

"I need to find a way to figure out what exactly happened."

Charlene put away her laptop and looked out the window. According to Zhen Manni's temper, igniting her fuse was an easy task. Although Zhen Manni's status was high...Tangning was currently a harvester of popularity. If the two women were to be compared, Tangning may not necessarily lose. If Zhen Manni was to witness this result, would she be able to handle it?

Midnight. Charlene finally dragged her exhausted body home. However, as soon as she walked in through the front door, she felt a strong body embrace her. Blazing with passion, the two quickly found themselves in bed together... 

After their intense activity, the man hugged Charlene and asked, "You've been Zhen Manni's manager for so long, how come you still haven't succeeded?"

Charlene lay in bed and scoffed, "She's been trained by Hai Rui for a long time, after all. How could she be so easily swayed?"

"But, the sudden appearance of Tangning can definitely be used to our advantage."

"I'll let you handle it. Keep your grasp on the time. Lately, under Hai Rui's suppression, Star King has suffered hopelessly. Hai Rui directly threw Qin Yu into the depths of hell without caring about Star King's pride. The board of directors are fired up, if we manage to poach Zhen Manni at this time, I will definitely become the boss of the marketing department."

"I will go post up a poll: Tangning Vs Zhen Manni. I'm confident this will ignite a battle," Charlene wrapped herself in a robe and walked over to the computer desk. Earlier today, her intention was to put a tear between Zhen Manni and Hai Rui. But now, with Tangning...

...she wouldn't need to exhaust so much energy.

Charlene didn't always start off on Star King's side. It was after she started dating this man that she slowly shifted. After all, what she wanted most was love.

The man was pleased as he hugged her from behind and placed a kiss on the back of her neck, "My dearest, you have worked hard."

[The National Treasure Model Zhen Manni Vs The Popular Famed Model Tangning: Who Matches Your Standard of Beauty? Long Legs or Curvy Body: What's Your Choice?] 

A poll like this appeared to be a joke from fans, contained too many hidden messages. 

Fans did not take it seriously, they simply voted for fun. Because of Tangning and Mo Ting's relationship and the fact that Zhen Manni was often overseas, the majority decided to support Tangning.

Only a small amount of people felt there was no comparison between Tangning and their National Treasure...

"When Manni was on the Victoria's Secret Runway, Tangning was still rolling around in bed with some sleazebag. Tangning is indeed better than others, but when compared to Manni, there is a long stretch!"

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Charlene sounds like a b*tch. Poll: Kick her in the boob or punch her in the throat? Hurtful or painful? Justified or necessary?
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Another delusional character... like MoTing would look at you *eyesroll*
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i think that the new girl will have conflict with ning but later will accept her esp after her manager betrayal