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When Facing Hai Rui, She Still Needed to Kneel!

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"No need...this is just a small matter, it's not worthy of your appearance."

How did Li Danni qualify to see Mo Ting? Lu Che was enough!

Mo Ting was silent for a moment without hanging up the phone. He then used the intercom to call Lu Che, "Hai Yi Center. Hurry over and help Tangning. Give her everything she needs."

Tangning had her phone on loudspeaker...

So, Mo Ting's words resonated to every corner of the waiting room.

Everyone's expressions turned complicated, especially the pale-faced Li Danni who's legs were still trembling.

"Does this person have the power to suppress you for a half a lifetime?" Tangning asked coldly as she put away her phone.

Li Danni did not respond. She felt lifeless as all the energy seeped out of her body. She held onto the edge of the table to prevent herself from falling.

She had never imagined Tangning would be acquainted with Mo Ting.

Who would have thought she'd have such a strong backing!!

She even had the ability to make Mo Ting offer assistance, personally.

With An Zihao's explanation, the brand representative found out the entire story of what was happening backstage. He naturally had his own worries and considerations, so the most logical thing for him to do was to replace Li Danni. However, even though he already had a decision, he decided to wait for Lu Che to arrive first and see what he thought. 

As a result, during the half hour of waiting for Lu Che's arrival, Li Danni and her assistant experienced the worst torment in their entire life; every second and every minute was like waiting for a life sentence...

Li Danni wanted to find an opportunity to sneak away, but...they were completely surrounded by people.

She also wanted to contact Lan Xi, however...her opponent had thrown Hai Rui in her face. Even if she was to contact 10 Lan Xi's, she still wouldn't be able to change a thing.

So, Li Danni looked down at her feet for a short moment before grabbing Tangning's arm and asking under her breath, "What must I do for you to let me go? Tangning, for the sake of us being from the same company, could you let me go this once? I promise not to go against you again."

Tangning looked at Li Danni's grip on her arm and shook it off, "It's too late..."

"Can't you give others a chance to change? I really can't lose my modeling career."

"From the moment that you humiliated Long Jie, you already gave up your chance to even be a human, how dare you dream of being a model?" Tangning took a step back as she spoke in a cold and ridiculing tone. "Li Danni, doesn't an assistant have dignity? You also climbed your way up from the bottom. Are you worthy of having someone kneel before you?" 

"Since you accepted her kneel - then you need to pay the price for this kneel."

Of course, the other reason why Tangning refused to negotiate was because of Lan Xi.

Since Lan Xi had stepped so ruthlessly over her bottom line - if she was to continue to endure - would she still be Tangning?

After hearing her words, Li Danni's hands...

...began to tremble...

She suddenly felt a coldness sweep through her body. It was not until now that she finally experienced the feeling of fear.

"What will President Mo do to me?"

Tangning did not respond. Meanwhile, everyone around whispered amongst themselves.

"Hai Rui has never gone easy when dealing with people."

"I know right, if one offends Hai Rui, what other fate can they have? She might as well announce her retreat from the industry herself."

"Do you still remember the male star from before? Because of his inflated ego, he didn't listen to Hai Rui's arrangements. Do you remember what happened to him in the end? In one night he became yesterday's news and is now a cleaner!"

Li Danni's eyes grew big in fear. Meanwhile, her manager was even more terrified as a wet patch gradually appeared around the area he was kneeling; he had lost control of his bladder.

The scene was extremely funny and ridiculous.

Roughly half an hour later, Lu Che hurried into the backstage of Hai Yi. The first thing he noticed was Long Jie's swollen face, so he quickly retrieved her from An Zihao's arms, "Why are you hurt so badly? Who did this?"

Hearing Lu Che's anxious questioning, the expression on Li Danni's manager's face became extremely entertaining.

At this time, Li Danni's limp body finally fell to the floor.

"How brave of them..." Lu Che looked around the room; because of Long Jie's suffering and humiliation he was extremely angry; his voice was lower than usual and slightly trembling. After hearing everything that happened, he directly asked Li Danni and her manager, "Did you know that Long Man is my fiancee?"


So it turns out Tangning's assistant is Lu Che's fiancee?

Everyone's uncertainty was immediately cleared up; why Tangning was familiar with Mo Ting, why Mo Ting would help Tangning, all these questions suddenly received an answer.

It was because Long Jie was Lu Che's fiancee?

This was something Tangning had planned with Mo Ting; she was going to pay Lan Xi back, one debt at a time. So today, she wasn't going to reveal her winning card just yet.

As a result, they instructed Lu Che to announce his 'relationship' with Long Jie so Lan Xi would realize she had provoked the wrong person!

Without waiting for Lu Che to discuss things with the brand representative, Li Danni quickly knelt on the ground and tugged at the bottom of Tangning's dress, "Tangning...I beg of you, put in a few good words for me. You can slap me as much as you long as you help me plead."

"You're asking the wrong person," Tangning hinted that the person she should be begging was Long Jie.

Li Danni let go of Tangning's dress and turned to Long Jie, but Lu Che cut in, "Get lost, leave as far as you can."

Apart from this, Lu Che also announced that anyone who dared to work with Li Danni from now would be going against him. Although he didn't use Hai Rui's name - with Mo Ting's words earlier about giving Tangning everything she needed - it meant Lu Che's words were equivalent to Mo Ting's...

In an instant, Li Danni's name was banned in the industry; no one dared to challenge Hai Rui's authority and Li Danni was immediately replaced. 

Afterwards, contract cancellation calls flooded in. Li Danni couldn't handle the blow as she fainted. Everything happened in a mere 20 minutes.

So what if she was a famous model? When facing Hai Rui, she still needed to kneel!

She deserved it!

Tonight's information was too much to digest, but anyone with eyes could clearly see what was going on.

Hai Rui never stuck their hands into other entertainment agency's business, but...Li Danni failed to recognize who she was dealing with. 

Lu Che and Mo Ting didn't even mention Hai Rui, but...their identities were already well above average. How dare she bully Lu Che's fiancee?

Did she really think she was someone important in the entertainment industry? 

Scheming against others, humiliating others, slapping others and forcing others to kneel!

Everything she did could not be denied. As for the news to be released the next day, everyone could only wait to see the result. However, at present, there was another matter at hand: Tangning's Feng Cai interview.

Her original motive for going on the show had now changed. Right now, she only had one aim, and that was to retrieve Long Jie's grandfather!

At the same time, she also wanted Lan Xi to kneel before her!

Creator's Thought

Has Mo Ting and Tangning accidentally created a chance for Lu Che and Long Jie to become a couple?
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Please make them into real couple please ( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )
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Yep, I ship lu che and long lie
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for the sake of us being from the same company-> This'll change soon enough. Don't tell me you really expect Tangning to stay in a company where the CEO herself dares to threaten Tangning's friends?! The scene was extremely funny and ridiculous.-> Yo Tangning, maintain your humanity! XD "Did you know that Long Man is my fiancee?" -> WAIT. WHAT. EXCUSE ME?! HELLO?! HANG ON. WHAT JUST?! o......O Oh. LOL. WELP! I guess that's one of doing things. Phew! THE INTERVIEW IS SAVED! \o/