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Slapped in the Face by Tangning Again

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The fierceness in Mo Ting's expression had long disappeared, all that was left was worry and helplessness.

He wrapped Tangning's legs with clothes he removed from his own body and rubbed her hands between his until her extremities warmed up. Only then did he gently let go of her legs and look at her unhappily.

"I'm OK," Tangning quickly said. Afraid that Mo Ting wouldn't believe her, she stressed, "Really."

Seeing Mo Ting remain silent, she continued to explain, "I am an A-Grade model. You should know better than anyone that I am not easy to deal with. I got to where I am today, not because of my tolerance. I know what I'm doing, so can you not be so worried?"

Mo Ting remained silent as he diverted his attention to An Zihao who was currently sizing him up through the rearview mirror.

An Zihao had to admit, out of all the people he'd ever met in his life, no man had a gaze as piercing as Mo Ting's.

When facing Tangning he could be gentle, but when facing others, he had to be dominating like a king.

This man was Tangning's hidden man. Up to this point, An Zihao still found it hard to believe.

"I will give Her Vision a call and tell them to send over a new photography team..." An Zihao quickly said.

"We will use our own photography team, I will pay for it. Her Vision only has this one photography team and we already eliminated them," Mo Ting said coldly. "I remember Cheng Tian has a photography team called 'Fearless'..."

"Although they work for Cheng Tian, in recent years, they have only been following Li Danni and Hua Yuan around. The internal departments have already taken it as a fact that they are pretty much their own personal photography team," An Zihao explained. From what he gathered, did Mo Ting want to fight over the photography team with Li Danni and Hua Yuan?

Regardless, President Mo, Cheng Tian is someone else's company, how could you know more about the company than its staff does?

"Contact them..." Mo Ting's voice was cold, "If someone has the guts to scheme in secret, then they should understand the consequences!"

An Zihao froze. Did Mo Ting already know who the culprit behind the photographer was?

Regardless, Mo Ting's words reminded An Zihao, now that Tangning joined Cheng Tian and was the one they were supporting and training, she naturally deserved the best resources. As well as that, from what he knew, Li Danni did not have any active jobs. In other words, the photography team were currently on a break. Since they belonged to Cheng Tian, then why couldn't they use them?

Tangning felt a little helpless because Mo Ting preferred to talk to An Zihao than to turn and look at her.

She knew Mo Ting was angry, but because there were others in the car, she didn't say much. It was not until they returned to Dynasty Hotel that she finally approached Mo Ting from behind and embraced him in a hug to give her explanation. However, after receiving a phone call from Lu Che, Mo Ting grabbed a jacket, left a note on the table and left to meet up with a business partner...


An Zihao and Long Jie returned to the hotel opposite. As they neared their rooms, An Zihao's footsteps became uneven, it seemed he was hesitating about something. Seeing An Zihao's actions, Long Jie couldn't help but snicker before placing her hands behind her back and lifting her eyebrows at him, "If there's something you are curious about, then ask."

"I want to know if President Mo is married? Is he serious with Tangning or is he just playing around?"

"He's married..." Long Jie replied casually.

"Then how can Tangning continue to be with him..."

"If you want to know, then listen to me carefully. The person he is married to is Tangning. They are husband and wife," Long Jie rolled her eyes. "When I first found out I was even more surprised than you. I even thought at one point, in order to get back at her jerk of an ex-boyfriend, she had married herself to an old sleazebag. It was only later that I found out Tangning had married Big Boss."

"However, Tangning does not wish to reveal their relationship. At the moment, they have a hidden marriage status."

After hearing Long Jie's response, An Zihao let out a gentle chuckle.

How much more did Tangning have hidden from him?

"An Zihao, it wasn't easy for Tangning to get to where she is today; she depended on her own ability. Although she is the wife of Big Boss, she is still a professional model. So, I hope you can treat Tangning the same as you did before."

An Zihao glanced at Long Jie. He realized she had a deep understanding for Tangning.

"This secret, I will take to the grave," An Zihao did not intend to treat Tangning any differently. If Tangning was someone that wanted quick success and benefits, there was so much she could have done; she didn't need to waste time on fighting like this.

But in reality...Tangning was Tangning. Even if she was married to Mo Ting, she still had an aura that belonged to herself.

However, he couldn't deny, Mo Ting being Tangning's husband was definitely unexpected...

Here he was, thinking the man behind Tangning was living off her. In the end, it turned out she had married the most powerful man in the entertainment industry...

Absolutely! Unbelievable!

An Zihao felt like his face was swollen from Tangning's face-slap.

Of course, this wasn't the first time he had been slapped in the face by Tangning.


Because of the incident with the photography team, Her Vision's shoot was temporarily postponed. Tangning had no idea what Mo Ting had said to Her Vision, but at least, word had not spread back to Beijing about Mo Ting dealing with the photographer; in fact, not even a word was leaked.

This was consistent with Mo Ting's principles; if he wanted to do something, there was nothing he couldn't do.

Tangning gently sighed as she continued to wait for Mo Ting. It was not until it was late into the night did Mo Ting finally return to the hotel. Seeing Tangning standing on the windy balcony with thin clothing, he immediately grabbed a blanket and walked out to wrap her up tightly, "Are you planning to kill me with anger? Huh?"

Tangning gently laughed as she replied, "No one wants to anger you, you are doing this to yourself."

Mo Ting gave her a slightly disheartened look as Tangning took advantage of the situation to grab onto his hand and explain seriously, "You know I need you more than anyone. It's because I need you that I don't want you to help me in this way..."

"I know what you're thinking. But it's impossible for me to watch you suffer and stand idly by. If it was you, would you be able to watch me being bullied?"

Tangning looked down and thought for a bit before replying, "I wouldn't be able to do it either. But, the Mo Ting I know would not allow others to bully him. If that day really does come, you wouldn't want me to see you in such a helpless state. So, I will not appear in front of you, because that is your pride."

Mo Ting was stunned; what Tangning was saying was the truth...

"However, I will remember all those that have bullied you and I will do all I can to make them pay...Even if we have to perish together, I will not allow them to be any better off than you!"

Hearing these powerful words, Mo Ting's handsome face finally softened as he pulled Tangning into his embrace, "If all you want is for me not to interfere with you, then you have successfully convinced me."

"Uh huh. However, I must admit, seeing you teach the photographer a lesson today, was extremely satisfying," Tangning praised in a serious tone. She then placed her face against Mo Ting's chest, "Ting...just wait for me a little longer."

Mo Ting tightened his embrace as he whispered in Tangning's ear, "Haven't I always been waiting for you?"

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An Zihao finally found out everything. Do you think he is trustworthy?
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I love every chapters! Keep it coming! 😍 This novel deserve a tv adaptation! 😁
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"I didn't even have him jump yet!" Mo Ting as the photographer breaks through the ice
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I guess Mo Ting realized by process of elimination...? ... To be fair, the list of suspects is fairly low at the moment I guess, probably Luo Hao and the two other models for now. Everyone else Tangning has enmity with probably isn't in a position to do this to her nor would they know she's filming here. These two's interactions are still waayyy too sweet... I like my coffee black. D: