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The Things I Like to Watch, You May Not Enjoy

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After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning smiled warmly. He was right...

...liking someone was really that simple. As long as one wanted to do something, the other would accompany them. The couple understood what was most important to them and was willing to give their all.

"Have you eaten?"

"I'll ask the maids to prepare dinner. You still have work tomorrow, so you'll need to go to bed early," Mo Ting pulled her up from the sofa.

"The show will be tomorrow night, you don't need to worry," Tangning responded by nudging Mo Ting towards the bathroom, "Go wash up, I'll cook for you, it won't take long."

Mo Ting was helpless around her. He didn't want to reject her enthusiasm, but he still reminded her, "Be careful not to burn yourself!"

"President Mo, it seems you treat me like a child. Don't strip me of the joys of being a wife."

Mo Ting looked at her helplessly. Although to the outside world, she appeared to be impenetrable, in front of him, she was like a child. In the end, Mo Ting gave up and entered the bathroom to have a shower. After he quickly freshened up, he returned to the dining room to find delicious noodles waiting on the table as Tangning pulled out a chair for him.

Mo Ting's chest filled with happiness; a simple joy like this was extremely precious. No matter how much power he possessed, it did not compare to having the person he loved prepare a bowl of noodles for him.

"You don't like it?"

Mo Ting shook his head as he sat down and ate to his heart's content.

Tangning sat beside him and questioned him, "Apart from work, I've never seen you partake in any hobbies."

"The time I have off is only enough to watch one movie," Mo Ting responded sadly.

"Then...after you finish eating, let's watch a movie together. After all, we can watch it at home..." Tangning suggested.

"But let me warn you in advance. The things I like to watch, you may not enjoy."

"Why does that matter?"

Tangning was a fast-learner. What Mo Ting had said about accompanying her, made her extremely touched. Previously, Mo Ting had always kept her company, so from now on, she wanted to understand him more.

After dinner, as promised, Tangning watched a movie with Mo Ting. Mo Ting thought she would fall asleep, but instead, she was completely immersed the entire time. They even exchanged their thoughts on the plot throughout the movie. It was such a great feeling...

At least, they both wanted to be a part of each other's world...


The next morning, Tangning received a call from Lan Xi while she was still in bed, "Tangning, how are you feeling today?"

"Please speak freely, President Lan," Tangning smiled; she didn't like to beat around the bush.

"Tonight, at Royalty's show, I have instructed Yang Jing to bring the new models there to watch and learn. You might run into each other."

After hearing this, Tangning realized Lan Xi was giving her an opportunity to slap Yang Jing in the face and cure her hatred. Tangning was silent for a moment before responding, "President Lan, I don't want to cause trouble unless Miss Yang doesn't know how to control herself."

"Since I gave you this opportunity, you should make the most of it..."

The reason for Lan Xi's actions was that she too, felt Yang Jing had done too much scheming behind her back. More importantly, there was currently no one in Cheng Tian that could make Yang Jing suffer.

By getting Tangning to make a move, she had not only done a favor for Tangning, she also had the opportunity to teach Yang Jing a lesson. Why not?

Tangning loathed the feeling of being used by others. During the years she was being emptied out by Han Yufan, she had already suffered that feeling too many times...

"President Lan, you don't need to worry, I know what to do."

Lan Xi was satisfied because Tangning knew when to advance and when to retreat. Inside, she was overjoyed that she had signed Tangning onto Cheng Tian.

However, Tangning was simply focused on doing her best at Royalty's show.

As long as Yang Jing didn't go too far!

3pm. Seeing it was still early, Tangning instructed Long Jie to drive to a spot nearby Hai Rui; she wanted to personally pick Mo Ting up from work. The two sat in the car listening to the radio. They happened to come across news regarding Lan Yu, so Long Jie subconsciously changed the station.

"Tangning, are we going to let Lan Yu continue to be spoilt in this way? She is using the nickname of Mini-Tangning too recklessly," Long Jie felt the situation was a bit unfair.

"Mini-Tangning isn't Tangning; there is an extra word at the front. Even if she is to get rid of that word, she will still not become me," Tangning did not appear to be affected by Lan Yu.


"Long Jie, she's only using the name Mini-Tangning, she hasn't done anything to me. Do you think I should go cause trouble over a nickname? That's a bit unreasonable..." Tangning shook her head, "I've already said it multiple times: It's not that I won't seek revenge, it's just not time yet."

Long Jie stuck out her tongue and stopped talking. Although she liked to complain, she wasn't the type to be reckless. She knew Tangning had her own plans, but her enemies had not yet thrown their attack. As soon as Lan Yu made a move, Tangning would definitely not disappoint her enemy's provocation.

This was her attitude after her comeback.

After arriving downstairs at Hai Rui, Tangning made a phone call to Mo Ting, "President Mo, can you return my husband to me yet?"

Mo Ting couldn't help but smile as he looked at the time, "It's only 3pm, isn't it too early to finish work? Didn't we agree to see each other at the show?"

"But I want to pick you up from work and have dinner first."

"Are you at home?"

"I am downstairs at your company," Tangning whispered.

"Wait 5 minutes for me."

Tangning smiled as she hung up the phone. Seeing her expression, Long Jie couldn't help but turn to her and say, "Have you noticed you smile quite often these days? Not too long ago, when you were being bullied by Han Yufan, I thought I'd have to face your cold expression for the rest of my life..."

At the mention of Han Yufan, Tangning was obviously dumbfounded for a moment. Long Jie quickly slapped her own mouth, "Sorry, I didn't control my mouth, allowing it to spout nonsense."

Tangning lowered her head like nothing happened. Not long after, Mo Ting found their car and naturally stepped inside, "How come you came so suddenly?"

"If I didn't come, would you have just eaten the non-nutritious food at work?"

Mo Ting embraced her and smiled, "It's not that bad..."

"Actually, I didn't plan this; I just suddenly felt like I came. Ting...does my uncertainty make you uncomfortable sometimes?"

Mo Ting knew Tangning was very careful about their relationship.

"Don't worry, from now on, I will relax and put my faith in you."

Mo Ting gently stroked her shoulders without saying a word. He understood that Tangning was always so careful because she didn't want to cause unnecessary troubles. It's just that sometimes, in situations where she would benefit from his help, she would choose to face them on her own; it made him feel like he wasn't needed.

But it turned out, she understood this...and had specifically come to explain herself.

So, away from Tangning's view, Mo Ting let out a smile. Seeing his smile through the rear-view mirror, Long Jie felt light-headed...

...he was much too handsome...

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It seems like Tangning is finally going to accept the assistance of her hubby a little more.
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