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Make Mo Yurou Pay Everything Back at Once

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It was the last day of September and the Annual Model Awards Ceremony was to take place at 7pm that night.

As a guest award presenter, Tangning was to walk down the red carpet with the famous artist, Li Yu, who was also one of the judges.

Hearing Long Jie mention this name, the first thing that came to Tangning’s mind was the sleazy middle-aged man at the Bright Night Gala.

Li Yu! Why is it him?

On the side, Long Jie continued to chatter about things to take note of for the awards ceremony. However, Tangning's heart felt uneasy, "Long Jie, can you help me prepare a hidden camera?"

"Hidden camera? I don't have anything like that. But I do have a voice-recording brooch. Why?"

"I don't think Li Yu has good intentions," Tangning said as she lifted her head to look at Long Jie. "There have already been many reports about him within the industry. The fact that he has been organized to enter with me, I need to be wary of it."

"OK, I will help you prepare it in a moment," Long Jie replied after realizing the situation. She held the back of her head in frustration, "Tangning, you deserve an assistant that is more capable and thoughtful. I've realized all I can do is ride your coattail."

"You've been good to me these past few years, I don't wish for anything else."

There was no harm in having a smart support team, but...they wouldn't be guaranteed to always be loyal to her.

Whereas, Long Jie was just right. All she needed now, was a capable manager to take over the work from Mo Ting. She didn't want Mo Ting to be so hands-on; it was too tiring for him.

The two looked at each other and smiled; they understood each other. It was at this time that Long Jie received a phone call from Lu Che asking her to tell Tangning to look at the entertainment news.

Long Jie turned on the TV with a confused expression before seeing Mo Yurou full of spirit in front of the camera receiving an interview.

"Mo Yurou has signed on with a new agency, ending her relationship with Tianyi!"

"Exposed: Creative Century's newly signed artist. So, it really isn't Tangning, but her?!"

"Mo Yurou announces the cancellation of her contract with Tianyi. All is revealed about her betrayal to Han Yufan."

Seeing these headlines, regardless of when it happened, one thing was clear: Han Yufan and Mo Yurou had split!

"Mo Yurou must be feeling proud again," Long Jie shook the remote in her hand as she gave a 'Hmmph'.

"Let's see if she can still be proud after tonight." Tangning looked at Mo Yurou who was being interviewed on TV. Towards this woman, she had long lost her patience and sympathy.

"Thinking of it, she is quite pitiful. After just signing on with a new company, she will have to fall from her perch straight away."

Tangning smirked. The reason Mo Yurou had been so rash in making an announcement was because she was afraid something bad would happen if she delayed it too long. The child in her stomach was a ticking time bomb. But, as if Han Yufan would be so tolerant to allow Mo Yurou to leave so easily.

"Right now, I want to thank two people. The first one is the CEO of Tianyi, Mr. Han, for helping me and protecting me. The second person is my colleague, Tangning. Without you, there would be no me!"

After Mo Yurou spoke, the Artists Director from Creative Century stepped out to help put on a show in front of the media, "This entire time, the person Creative Century wanted was Miss Mo Yurou. In regards to all the rumors, we are sorry. As for all the fake reports, I would like to request the media distinguish between lies and the truth. Lastly, we would like to welcome Mo Yurou to the Creative Century family!"

The rumors she referred to was obvious; it was the rumor about them wanting to scout Tangning.

Since Tangning was suffocated by scandals and had no relations to the awards ceremony, of course, they would take advantage of the situation to clear their name of rumors.

"They are so shameless. Have the people at Creative Century forgotten about the documents they sent to your email?"

"Just because you are faced with a small problem, these people are all pouncing on the opportunity to clear their name. What about Mo Yurou? She's had so many scandals, yet they are still willing to take her?"

"That's because once Mo Yurou secures her award, all the scandals can be easily covered up. In the entertainment industry, there is no definite right and wrong." Tangning stared at Mo Yurou's face on the TV and glared at the smile across her face as she answered the reporters' questions in a poised manner. As long as she could keep advancing, didn't she care about being shameless?

"Miss Mo, may I ask, the gratitude you just showed Tangning, did that come truly from your heart?"

"Yes that's right, everyone knows there is a huge competitive streak between you and Tangning. What do you think will be in store for the both of you in the future?"

The people from Creative Century glanced at Mo Yurou, reminding her to think before speaking. If the Artists Director didn't speak up earlier to distract the media, Mo Yurou would be currently in a lot of trouble.

Mo Yurou was stunned for a moment, before smiling, "I am Mo Yurou, I'm not good with words. May I please ask the media to stop making it difficult for me."

In other words, she was trying to hint that Tangning's words were a beautiful facade. However, in reality, even though Tangning didn't face the media often, whenever she did, she would be hard at work or trying her best to avoid them.

But, those that loved to spread rumors held onto this point and claimed that Tangning wasn't sincere. On the other hand, for being so frank, they found Mo Yurou to be quite lovable.

"So, does that mean you have retreated from standing between Han Yufan and Tangning? Do you think they will reconcile? Is that why Tangning won't leave Tianyi? because she's been trying to get back with Han Yufan?"

" will need to ask Tangning yourself," Mo Yurou passed the hot potato onto Tangning. The media assumed, by saying this, Mo Yurou was admitting that Tangning still loved Han Yufan and still thought about him...

Most importantly, the media guessed, the reason Mo Yurou left Tianyi was because Tangning's methods were too extreme...

She was forced to leave!

In an instant, Tangning went from being a pure and innocent artist to someone that was dishonest and sinister. It was like the words from Mo Yurou and Creative Century's mouths were all against Tangning; confirming her ruthlessness.

Tangning stopped watching the rest of the interview. After all, it was the same rubbish going around and around...

Long Jie looked at Tangning's expression and realized within her eyes, there was a sense of tolerance and wisdom.

Tangning liked being like this. She liked staying silent before making a fatal blow on her enemy. If Mo Yurou wanted to go against her...

...she was still miles from succeeding.

"We should get ready, it's almost time for the awards ceremony..." Long Jie reminded Tangning as she looked at the Quartz watch around her wrist. "Don't worry, the evidence and people needed for exposing Mo Yurou of not qualifying for the awards is ready. All you have to do is relax and watch the show."

"Tangning, all that you have suffered...we will make Mo Yurou pay it all back at once."

Creator's Thought

Creative Century has made a huge mistake signing on Mo Yurou...
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