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My Heart Will Hurt

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What Han Ruoxue said was indeed the truth. During the entire time that she tried to frame Tangning, the person that benefited the most was Tangning, followed by Hai Rui Entertainment.

After being mentioned by Hai Rui, Tangning’s fame increased dramatically while she gained more fans. At the same time, Hai Rui reconfirmed their status in the industry; killing THREE birds with one stone.

Night hit. Tangning returned home to find Lu Che pacing back and forth outside the front door. She turned to him questioningly, "Lu Che, why aren’t you going inside?"

"Madam, you’re back." Upon seeing Tangning, Lu Che seemed to have seen his savior as his eyes lit up.

"What’s wrong?"

"The president’s mood isn’t too good today…"

"Why?" Tangning looked at Lu Che and understood he was afraid of getting in trouble with Mo Ting, so she assured him, "Don’t worry, speak, I will handle this matter carefully."

"It’s because of Hai Rui’s statement. The higher-ups felt it wasn’t necessary to mention your name and boost your exposure; there was a disagreement," Lu Che explained, "Of course, they weren’t brave enough to stop the president, but…"

Tangning’s heart sunk. She understood what Lu Che was trying to say, "It’s ok, I will comfort him."

Even a small company like Tianyi had their power struggles, so of course, Hai Rui was no different.

Obviously, Mo Ting’s authority was being questioned and she was the one that ignited it.

After Lu Che left, Tangning calmed down and entered the villa. Upon seeing Mo Ting standing by the study room window drinking wine, she gently approached him and reached out her arms to hug him from behind, "President Mo, you appear to be upset."

"Did Lu Che say something?" Mo Ting guessed. "It’s not a big deal; nothing to be upset about."

"To you, I am your wife, so it’s normal for you to be biased towards me. But, to the staff at Hai Rui, I am not related to you at all, so it’s expected that they would have their opinions," Tangning said gently.

"That’s not the main issue," Mo Ting turned around and put down his wine glass as he wrapped Tangning in his embrace.

"Is it because someone wants to challenge your power?" Just the thought of this made Tangning hug Mo Ting tighter, "You’re well aware that there are so many people eyeing your position, how could you help me in such a high-profile way. Mo Ting, I won’t allow you to do this again. This time, it has made you unhappy, but what about next time? This incident with Han Ruoxue, I know you had it all figured. You had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and the photo at the Bright Night Gala was it. But, it wasn’t necessary for you to prove my innocence in your statement; don’t do it again."

"Are you complaining that I was meddling in your business?" Mo Ting’s expression was slightly disappointed.

Tangning froze for a moment before grabbing hold of Mo Ting’s hand and placing it atop her heart. She looked at him seriously as she spoke, "It hurts here. Everyone knows you are like a king; you are beyond reach. But I know, behind you is an abyss waiting for you to fall into."

"I, Tangning, am not worthy. Even if I was to accept your help, it would be the day when everyone acknowledges my abilities."

"The entertainment industry is a dark place, I can’t just accept your protection as if I deserve it. While people are attacking you, I can’t just sit still. There’s nothing else I can do, can’t I at least protect your heart?"

Hearing Tangning’s words, Mo Ting was stunned, dumbfounded and shocked.

However, it only lasted a second before he violently grabbed onto Tangning’s cheeks, wrapped one arm around her waist and passionately kissed down on her lips. The reason why his love for Tanging was growing stronger and stronger was because their souls were connected. This thought made him grasp onto Tangning’s hands as he applied more force to his kiss…until Tangning’s lips became red and swollen.

Afterwards, he returned to his usual poised and confident manner as he spoke into Tangning’s ear, "I feel like I should thank the bunch of old dirtbags…for giving me the opportunity to hear words from your heart."

"But…Ning…you’ve underestimated your man. In the entertainment industry, there’s nothing I can’t do. Did you think anyone that challenges the king’s power would have a good ending?"

"Then why were you upset…"

"You’ve been tricked by Lu Che…" Mo Ting was slightly amused as he spoke.

Tangning froze. She then smiled as she spoke, "It’s good that he gave me this warning, in case I’m unaware of the difficulties you face."

After hearing Tangning’s words, Mo Ting smiled as he lifted her in his arms and carried her into the bathroom, "I want you…"

Tangning slightly blushed, but she still lifted her hand to undo Mo Ting’s buttons. Seeing this, Mo Ting couldn’t help but think of the words she had just said; she wanted to protect his heart. He instinctively lifted Tangning’s jaw and kissed her on the ear sensually, "Not only must you protect my heart, you must also protect my body…"

Mo Ting’s pure white shirt was thrown to one side atop Tangning’s patterned A-line skirt. As one piece of clothing hit the ground after another, the couple looked at each other; they only had each other in their eyes as a passionate fire ignited…

Tangning was a model; every part of her body was important, so…Mo Ting made sure to remain gentle. Tangning could sense his restraint, so…she grabbed onto his neck and said, "I am not made of porcelain, I will not shatter with the slightest force."

"Is my wife telling me to…use more force?" Mo Ting entered her body and satisfied all her needs. After the married couple were finished being intimate in the bathroom, Tangning was so tired she fell asleep.

Mo Ting looked at the tired look on Tangning's face as he gently leaned over and gave her a kiss, "With your words, everything I do is worth it. No matter what you want to do, I will accompany you to the end of time..."


After the Han siblings had their argument, Han Ruoxue disappeared while Han Yufan had a gloomy expression the entire night. On the other hand, Mo Yurou appeared to be unaffected. She did not comfort Han Yufan like she normally did, instead, she just minded her own business as she read the news.

"Mo Yurou, don't you think you've been acting a bit strange lately?"

"Yufan, it's hard enough that I have to carry around this child, did you expect me to get involved with the internal battle between you and your sister?" Mo Yurou asked back in disdain. "However, I do feel you made the right decision in giving up on your sister. After all, Tianyi is currently being trampled by Tangning. With her being blacklisted by Hai Rui, you only did what a CEO should do."

"How long has it been since we've been intimate?" Han Yufan questioned. He noticed Mo Yurou had changed way too much. In the past, she had always clung to his embrace and acted cute to get her way, but now she treated him like he didn't exist.

"Yufan, the child is growing, it's making me feel unwell."

Thinking of the child, Han Yufan stopped questioning her. He simply stood up and walked into the bathroom to have a cold shower. It was normal for a man to have his needs, but it wasn't normal for Mo Yurou to act this way.

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