Reincarnated into Destiny Universe: Striving for Equilibrium





Until my original work is completed.

Isaac is reincarnated as the MC into a Universe that strongly resembles his favorite Video Game Destiny. With humanity warring for superiority against alien races and political and philosophical battles waging within the City, how will young Isaac make his mark, on this seemingly magical Universe ?

Addendum: I want everyone to know, ahead of time, that this fanfic is not something that I plan on continuing for a long time. If this novel gets the same kind of attention my last one did, then I might take it as far as Crota but, depending on how the story turns out, probably not much further. My intention with this story, as with my last one, is to practice for my original work "Reincarnated as Mort Flesh." So as much as I may enjoy writing this now, at some point, I'm probably going to want to move on to my original work. That being said, I can always come back afterwards and pick this back up or even my recently completed "Reincarnated into Warframe Universe."

For those who may be wondering, my original work is set in an original world, with an original magic system. Only the Mort Flesh part is borrowed from TES.

Additional Addendum: I don't own Destiny or any of its related trademarks or copyrights.

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