Ain't Your Regular Girlfriend




Lara Cila a beautiful teenage girl. She has everything one would wish for - name it beauty? Boyfriends, cars, etc- but never had love, except the profound caring affection which she believed was between her and her father. She was raised by a busy but caring father with a nanny but no mom.

At a tender age, she swore never to love but break the heart of opposite sex, that was when she set HER OWN definition of love as AN IMAGINATION PUT TOGETHER TO CREATE UNREALISTIC FEELINGS

"Lara you ain't treating me like your boo, I am your boyfriend for crying out loud!

You are my boyfriend yeah...But I am me and I ain't sure if I'm ever gonna act like a regular girlfriend.

"So Lara what are you saying?

"We're done!!... We are done!

She was a player until they moved to a small Charlottetown in New York. Where she meets a new life, a cool dude which didn't change the fact of her being herself.

For her to adapt to this new life, She has to put everything behind her and focus on how to stop the ill-treatment from the seniors to the juniors.

First, she has to team up with Clara whom she was rude at first but later became best of friends to stop the bad behaviors of their seniors the DMGIRLS who makes life miserable to the other students they called freaks.


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