Godly Devourer System




Gender-bent story

Its story of a Hack Designer for Games Online. Alex, who got transmigrated into an unknown world with his currently designing Goldfinger.

Because of his unusual circumstances he was turned in a beautiful woman with perfect figure who could make any one fall for her.

All kinds of horrible creatures inhabited this world. Human beings, who used to stand on top of the food chain because of their wisdom weren't even a match for the Horrible Monsters this world consists. She then starts her new life in a cultivation world with her unusual Goldfinger helping her to survive.

But she has one major problem and that is she can't make herself like men over woman.

Thanks for Reading.

4 chapters per week.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/B5Em2ms

join discord for Artworks and express your ideas about the novel for further improvement.

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