Warrior Princess; Her Quest to the throne




Shauryaveer, an orphan who doesn’t care about his roots, only lives and breathes for the country. A brilliant spy and tactician, he nurses a broken heart and keeps people and their pretensions, at bay. Can unexpected romance find its way through, to his heart one more time or will the future snatch away his second chance at achieving happiness, once again?

Yashvardhan, a dutiful son and a sincere student, is on the threshold of discovering his soulmate. He carries the legacy of his mother’s unfulfilled ambitions and lingering angst. Will his love pass the litmus test or will it succumb under the weight of these expectations?

Mrignayani, a bright spark in her parents’ universe, is a cheerful girl with ordinary dreams. She aspires for true love, and a sweet, uncomplicated life. She can’t wait to grow up!!!

A tale of treachery, honesty, betrayal, loyalty, struggles and undying love…a tale of a brave girl who is unaware of the life changing events that await her.

Welcome to the world of Mrignayani, the Warrior Princess...

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