I Deserve a Second Chance




His right hand touched her left upper arm, and then started to slide down to her wrist.

"In case you haven't noticed.." he started to say.

She had stiffened up, started from his initial touch.

"I'm officially pursuing you."


All she wanted was a second chance in happiness. She had been divorced for two years now and has forgotten about the idea of finding another man. But destiny is playing a cute joke on her to let her met him.

He is successful and powerful and full of distrust on women.

Until he met her.

After that one fateful encounter, are they destined to be together forever? Is God of happiness finally bestowing this tiny spring water to both of them?


ps: I only write happy ending stories. This is 1v1, with a little drama here and there. But those drama only served a purpose to strengthen their relationship. Female lead here is not perfect at all. She is insecure, full of flaws and broken. Male lead is gorgeous and charming as usual. But somehow, they complete each other.

There will be no pitiful weak Cinderella stories here, no white lotus and no almighty CEO that rule the country.

I am portraying normal average people in society. So if this is not your cup of tea, feel free to move on :)


Let's embark on this love boat with me!

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*Discord: Gold_Paper_Crane#9658


The cover is not mine and was taken from Google image and credit goes to the original artist.

Tag: Female lead, Handsome male lead, Modern day romance, Mature romance, Adult romance, Business world, Second chance

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