The Stars That Were Ours




Chanyeol has only ever dreamed of one thing. he wants to play guitar for the man he fell in love with years ago. A man who once met his eyes and the whole world melted away with his beautiful voice. But there are only two things stopping him.

He can't play for anyone anymore.

And now Baekhyun is a star, worlds out of his league.

But when he finally meets him again. That beautiful voice hides secrets, and a closed heart, one that has trusted too many times and always comes back hurt in the end.

Can they open up each other's hearts? Helping each other to heal and see the stars through the eyes of each other?

Or is a universe too far a span to close the gap between their worlds?

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Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me Series)

"The next time you want to wear a woman's suit to an interview you might want to make sure it fits you in all areas." His voice came out a slight lilt of amusement churning through its deep baritone. The soft, husky hum slithered all over Heart's ear, making his body shiver. With that one sentence, this man had stripped him of his confidence and made him feel exposed, Heart wondered what was wrong with him. Because the moment the shiver ended his body began telling him he wanted more. He knew he should feel repulsed, annoyed, disgusted, creeped out. But he didn't, Not at all. 'What does he want? What is he going to do to me?' Heart tried to think if there was some way he had met this guy the week before and forgotten. Maybe he had run into him? There was a small zipping sound and he felt stunned as his pants got unbearably tighter as the zipper, zipped closed around his length. The man pulled back and headed for the door as if zipping up another man's pants for him was something he did every day for someone. Heart stared after him stunned. "My fly was undone." Hearts stated stupidly. "Hmm," The man crooned. 'Why did I like that so much?' Heart blinked twice realizing the man had stopped again at the door and was looking back at him. "Why didn't you just tell me so I could zip it up?" Heart said, flushing. "It's just a zipper, what's a low fly between friends." He quipped. "Friends." Heart stuttered 'When did we become friends?' 22yr old Heart is at the point where his life is only about simply making it through the day. But one night he meets a man, unbeknownst to him this is Fate, who in a rash decision ties five red strings of Fate onto Heart. However, Heart has no idea the lives of five people are now tied to him and that due to that difficult encounter, six peoples lives including his own are about to drastically change. How will the six people survive the huge turn of events thrown into their stories, forever entangling all their lives together in a web of love, hate, and friendship? Fate was just trying to help, but he was surprised when his test subject turned out to be someone unexplainably special. It might have been a rash decision to tie the fates of five other people to the young boy. But he has a good feeling about this, don't worry, he is watching this whole world. What can possibly go wrong when your destiny is designed by fate himself? *This story Includes three main BL Couples and it takes place in Thailand. Please do not take offense.

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