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Name - The CEO's Rented Wife

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Magical Sex Potion: A potion makes a loser irresistible to women.


“I can help you,” she repeated. Her cold eyes looked over him, up and down.

“How?” he asked.

The woman smiled, her lips peeling back to reveal some sharp looking teeth. They shone in the pallid light cast by an ancient lamp.

“Fate brought you into my store. You have trouble with women.”






She opened the cabinet door and pulled out a blue bottle. It seemed to pulse with a kind of electric power in her hands, and she popped open the cork and inhaled. A thin veil of wispy smoke drifted from the open bottle and wrapped her head in a smoky halo. A crooked grin slid over her face.

“Magical Sex Potion. Drink this and you will become irresistible to any woman you so desire,” she said, her voice dancing around him, touching his face, slipping under his skin and propelling him towards her.


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