Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master




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Name - The CEO's Rented Wife

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"The first rule is that I am always and forever bound to the one who opened my portal. I can only grant wishes to him, and him alone." The genie leaned in really subtlety, and whispered, "That means you, silly," before giggling again.

"The second rule, is that I can only grant wishes that pertain to areas of love, sex, companionship, towards making you a better mate, or to protect our anonymity."

"Number three, and this is a very important one, Master. I can not grant any wishes that would harm, maim, or kill anyone, destroy anything, or bring anyone back to life. "

"For rule number four, I am bound to you for as long as you wish it so. The only way, and I mean the only way, I can no longer be bound to you is for you to wish for my freedom."


"Number Five, and the most important rule is that the readers reading our story on Webnovel have to encourage the writer with Powerstones"


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