Cruel love: The gang leader wants me at all cost




The virgin who stole the gang leaders heart.

"You kill all the people that touch me for touching me only? Or is it just a habit of yours_ Killing people?" I dared to ask.

I was shaking so bad and my hands were sweaty. I was visibly perspirating even though the Ac was on. Still, I just needed to get all these questions of my chest. He was acting so strange and mad. I knew that I would end up dead either ways. Whether I spoke up against him or not I was still going to end up dead. So why be silent?

He started walking towards me, and with each step he took further I took one back in fear and desperation to create space between us, until I was backed up against the wall. He stood so close to me now I was practically breathing his air.

"Like I told you in the very beginning when we first met, You're mine! And when something is mine no one touches it. So when another man wants to touch you beg him to stop not for your sake but for his. No matter how many they are or how minute the touch is they will end up below the ground the moment they do. You are mine."


In Mira's town there is only one authority, one power. One man controls the town and instills fear in everyone. His name, White Lion.

A terrible incident leaves Mira Scarred for life and she is forced to accept a life without love.

But, fate has other things planned out for her. Mira's life changes when she is kidnapped along with other girls by White Lion's men.

White Lion is immediately smitten by her.

He falls deep in love with Mira and he will do anything to have her. Anything.

Even if it means ruining all that he and his father before him had worked hard to achieve. Even if it means he would run far away from her.

White Lion plays the game of love like war, everything is fair and no rules apply to him.

Mira just happens to be the centre of his game. Mira who feels nothing. Impulsive, reckless Mira who hates men just like White Lion.

His show of love is cruel, but his love for her is pure.

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Mature content:

• Abuse.

• Violence.

• Sexual content.

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One night with the King(Updated everyday)

"Open your eyes for me please. Let me see the desired in them." Lucius pleaded as he took her lips again. He had felt his own climax when she did. Her screams sending unending waves of pleasure to his cock. He had come fast and hard with a groan of his own and now he feared that he had hurt her. "Please." He pleaded again when she didn't respond. She was so deep in pleasure that she couldn't hear him. He felt an overwhelming happiness that he had given his soul mate that much pleasure. But he needed to be sure that it was indeed pleasure. He wanted to do right by her. He wanted her to tell him that she loved this. Monica opened her eyes slowly tears falling from it as she did. "Tears of pleasure?" He asked, his eyes pleading for an answer. Monica couldn't speak and she knew it. She didn't even try to speak her voice was clogged as so many emotions ran through her, the most outstanding being intense pleasure. I must enter you now." he warned her begging for permission. He didn't want to hurt her. She nodded in understanding but she knew as much as he did that gestures weren't enough. A promise came softly from her lips as she spread her knees wider for him." Take me because from this moment I'm yours." Settling between her legs, he balanced on his forearms. He shook with anticipation and need. His body was coiled, his chest on fire, his heart now a mallet swinging inside his chest. "By the great sun, it has never been like this." "Never?" Monica asked still in a cloud of her own desire. Her body had begun to writhe beneath his. Her sex smelled so sweet and beckoning. Lucius wanted to suckle her again going low but his other needs were too great. "Never." Much to his surprise, he felt his invisible binding tendrils release from his shoulders and arms, his legs, even his buttocks. He had felt this when he kissed her in the forest and when he was alone with her in the dining. Every time he saw her his body craved to be bound to her, there was no resisting it. "What is that sensation?" she asked. "Like fingers rippling over my skin." "The invisible binding ropes. I am so sorry, Monica I have waited for you for such a long time a century to be precise. The prophecy promised me a soul mate one who would be bound to me. I have waited so long to feel this pleasure. The pleasure my people who have been bound to their mates felt. I want this my body cannot resist it. My body feels a need to bind you to me I can't control it." *** Two humans are kidnapped and forcefully made to live as mates to the King of all Vampires and the strongest Alpha. They are both bound by one thing, their humanity_but other than that their fates are completely different. This is the story of the Vampire king Lucius the sun of Apollo who was cast down to earth by Zeus and his mortal mate, Monica. It features, The war and trepidation that surrounds the vampire kingdom. The humans they love and the humans that love them. The werewolves they align and the alpha's that make terrible decisions. Even the witches that threaten to extinct vampires are not left out of this tale. This is a story of love and war and no one is bound to play fair. warning: Contains mature content.

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