Artificial Mates




If you're searching for a new year read, search no further. This is not another buy your fantasy boyfriend online.

Be ready to enter a complex futurist world with real implications. When high-tech meets fantasy creatures. Artificial mates, a book you won't be able to put down...

Liliane Kerry has always been a loner with few friends. Actually one sole friend, Lyla. When she announced Liliane she is migrating to another planet with her new lover, it left Liliane shattered and lost.

Desperate to find meaning and love, she stumbles on a trendy site by the company Sognare. One of the most expensive 'order your custom mate' company out there. Their waiting list taking as long as one year.

However, on the day her long-awaited order arrives, she is shocked to find more than what she has bargained.

We follow the path of our heroine as she struggles to find meaning in her life in a futuristic megacity called, Kumari R2. Where cyborgs, AI., and artificial populate the neighborhood along with humans. They are not always living in perfect harmony thus creating tensions.

Will Liliane be able to let go of the darkness eating her from the inside and give happiness a chance?

Warning: reverse-harem

Genre: Scifi romance with a fantasy twist.

Updates: 4 times per week(+4GMT)

instagram: @helenaseryma

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