This Time You Are Mine




Today is another busy day for me. Work and home are the only places I go to for the past 3 years. The end of THAT relationship ended my happy, easy-going life. But then, when I think about it, it was not his fault but mine. My friends would tell me that I need to move on. I HAVE MOVED ON. It's just I don't want any side trips anymore in my life. I have my dreams and I am working hard for it. Little did I know what the destiny has installed for me.

"Mom, I still love her. She ended the relationship without any valid reason and I didn't agree."

"But son, what if the reason is that she doesn't love you anymore? Isn't that a reason valid enough for you?"

"I have to know it this time, mom. I did try to go out on dates but still failed. I think meeting her again will help me know what is happening with me."

"I guess I have no other choice. But remember, don't let her disrupt your plans and the family's business."

"I know, mom. Steph, book my flight to the Philippines tomorrow."

"Vincent! Why are you in so much rush?!"

"Because I believe that the early bird gets the worm."

Just wait for me, Yve. I will get you back by hook or by crook.

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