How to Write an Erotic Novel




Peyton Baker was at the end of her rope. Her boss was pushing her to do more and get better with her craft so as to revive her dying career. But what her boss was asking from her this time was way out of her league. A universe away from her grasp. A very impossible project. A life threatening task. OK, maybe the last one was an exaggeration but in all seriousness, she's afraid she couldn't make it. 

She turned to her friend for both consultation and help but didn't expect to get a freaky and an equally impossible solution. She tried it out though. But as expected, it didn't go well. Until her friend thought of a very good idea, the one she's queasy about. Though she found it appealing and tempting yet so very suspicious, too. Her friend believed it'd be a success. Peyton's boss would again commend her for another job well done. There's just one problem though. Her heart would be at stake. Would she do it? Would a broken heart be worth her career?

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