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"I'm so sorry, Mr. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception."

"Why? she's your daughter I thought you and my parents had already arranged this marriage. And I choose Sabrina. I won't marry anyone but Sabrina."

"Then why Sabrina?"

"Let's say that Sabrina and I have a special thing back then," Gabriel said with a little smile. Ferdinand frowned and was curious. "Well, she might deny it."

Sabrina Mondragon Alvarez – is a mute rich woman. She's an introvert and hated getting along with rich people who always talk about senseless stuff. She is bullied by socialite but never they knew that behind that innocent-looking woman hides a strong and powerful aura.

Being muted is making her more dangerous. And that danger would lead all of her enemies to one place but the dungeon where she tormented them all.

She is muted not until he came and chose her to be his wife.

Gabriel Lawson - a rich powerful tycoon with a strong background. He fell in love with the woman he had a one night stand with and chose her to be his wife. He would do anything for her. And for those people who hurt her--they must pay a thousand folds.

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Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress

“What now? We didn’t make love in our wedding night. Now you are teasing me.” Zach said frustratedly. Andy peek on the window and Allona wasn’t there anymore. She turn back from him and reach her phone but Zach grabbed her arm and make her face him. “Andy, are you pushing me to use that freedom card?”                 Andromeda face him. “I am not pushing you to use that. I don’t want to make love to you because you don’t love me. You can fuck anyone but not that bitch last night.” She grabbed his shirt. “I am warning you. You can f-ck any woman but not her. You are mine now and no one can ever have you.” She said dangerously. Andromeda Mondragon - heiress of Mondragon Army Clan, who had fallen in loved and had received the greatest heart break. In her life she was trained by her grandfather to be the very best. She loved him dearly and had never decline his orders however, he wanted her to marry the family friend. And that will be the first order that she declined. She's willing to kill herself over the orders he gave. There's no place in hell that she's going to marry the man who killed half of her. Zachary Pattinson - heir of their army clan, a family friend of Mondragon. He was known to be the handsome-charming heart throb in the society. Many woman had fallen with that charm but only he gave his all to one woman. And that woman hates him so much that she's hurting herself just to ease the pain in her heart. What she did not know is he's also getting tortured whenever he see her in pain. Will he win her back? How can he undo his mistakes? Is he ready to take her back and chase her?

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