An Innocent Heart Longing For Love.




To be precise, this story is about how a young girl who failed in her young marriage evolved into a powerful CEO, with the help of her personal assistant who turns out be a missing legendary CEO.


It is a typical love story revolves around a girl and two men. She loves her husband so much but he never return it back to her.

On the other hand, A legendary CEO who keeps his identity in secret fall in love with her desperately.

On her formal wedding ceremony, her husband hand over her a divorce and made an agreement to continue to act as a husband in front of others.

On her way to the wedding chapel, she met with an tragic incident and fall from a cliff to meet her destined new beginning of life.

How she will clear all the unknown threats which was chasing her?

How would she fulfill her mother's last wish to save the society which was being bullied in the war torn country?

And also how she will fulfill her desire to become a street dancer and how she would turn into a powerful CEO?

Who was that PA of her who would accompany her everywhere she goes to strike an attack?

When she will learn that the her PA is a Legendary CEO?

How both the man would stand side by side till the end to protect and guide her to achieve her success?

Last but not the least, WHO WILL SHE END UP MARRYING....

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Olivia, mother of a 6 years old child Aaron, waved happily to her husband Johnathan and her chubby little baby boy who was set to sail to the deep ocean for adventure along with few other men. Two days later, news landed to Olivia's ears that her son tripped into the ocean due to a heavy storm in the night and to save him, Johnathan also jumped into the deep sea followed by him. After that, both of them gone missing and they could not be traced anywhere nearby. With depression on the peak, she set sail to the deep ocean all alone. She searched for two days with no sign of retreating. One fine night, she made up a decision and held her family photos to her heart and dived in the current. She very much hoped that the current would take her to the place where her lost family was. When she opened her eyes, she was laid in the rock and to her utter astonishment, she found a chubby and cute little boy examining her with so much passion. "Aaron! Aaron!! My baby" she started crying in all happiness. Sensing the woman shout at him, The cute little boy dived in and swam quite a distance far from her, out of fear. When Olivia noticed the boy's fish tails who swam in the water more elegantly. She looked petrified and unable to process what was happening around her. "Aaron!!!!" ------------------ Thanks to @NatsumeRikka for making the cover ------------------ One of my other work is "An Innocent Heart Longing For Love" A typical love story revolves around three youngster and eventually turns out to be a life saving heroes and fight for the well being of human survival in a war torn country.

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