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Chapter 56 Godhood Reached

"Babies," he muttered. "Why does it have to be babies?" Gritting his teeth as he waited for the hall to clear, he quickly sent the next group of nanobots across, to the room on the other side.

Each group of nanobots carried a tank, powering it to keep the babies alive in their artificial wombs.

Once all of the tanks were in the room, he sealed the door shut, and started to assemble the nanobots around each tank, until every tank was protected from the harshness of space. Then he began to cut through the hull of the station wall, to where Granny had parked the ship. The nanobots made the whole event so much easier. He was sure he would never have been able to get these babies otherwise.

Once they were arranged in the cargo hold of the ship, he began to make a network to make sure they stayed powered and safe until they could get them to the planet and he could make something more permanent. Stepping back to look over his work, Granny's voice was in his ear.

"We have a problem," her voice was hesitant, and he was moving towards her before she finished talking.

"The A'Dfukl ship just jumped away! I'm trying to track where they went, but the station has taken significant damage."

Dustin's breath was caught in his chest. He couldn't breathe, much less think. Olivia had still been on that ship!


He snapped out of it, and looked at Granny. She was holding his son in her arms.

"I'll keep trying to find her, but you have to save those people! Now!"

Nodding, he headed for the airlock, still in a fog. As he swapped back to his space form, nanobots began to swarm around him. Leaving the ship behind, he rushed to the location of the damage. A huge hole had been blasted into the side of the station. People, who had been swept out to space, floated, dead and dying, all around him, among the debris.

With his mind finally clear, Dustin held out his arms. The nanobots swarmed at his command, rushing out like whips, to wrap around the people, protecting them from further damage, and sweeping them back to the station. Strands of nanobots whipped out grabbing the debris, pulling the pieces back as he began to approach the hole. Using the pieces and his nanobots, he sealed the hole.

Everybody that had been exposed to space, were laid out before him, and he went to work, saving the ones he could. Using the nanobots to keep their hearts beating, and their lungs working the best he could.

'PED, I need Uz'En cells to infest them with. One's to change them into Uz'En, like the three from before.'


Injecting the cells near the base of the brain on each of them, he moved among every one of the bodies. Ignoring the crowds that had started to gather, he knew that while their bodies might be dead, if he could keep their brains alive, they might still make it.

While he worked, all around him, nanobots swarmed, moving between the bodies to seal wounds and tearing down the metal debris to reinforce the station wall.


'Initiate evolutions,' he thought as he stood and turned to look over them all.

The crowds watched as every person on the floor arched their backs in pain as their wounds closed magically, and they seemed to come back to life. As they began to sit up, in confusion, looking around and down at themselves, he gave the order to evolve them again, this time to Uz'En. There was no outward change. The change was on a genetic level. Though, they were no longer sterile.

Each of them sported an internal PED, that allowed them access to their own personal PED, but none knew about it. He had saved them all. Olivia would have thought it was awesome.

Turning to look behind him, he heard shouts from the people in the crowd. They were asking him what he had done, as if he was some god or something, but his mind was on where Olivia had gone.

"Dustin, finish what you've started, and then we'll go get her. She's capable of taking care of herself. She'll probably be back before you finish."

Granny's words calmed him down and he turned back to the crowd. With a slight shudder, his space form evolved into his normal human appearing form. There were gasps from the crowd.

"Who are you?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Are you here to hurt us?"

"Are you here to rescue us?"

"Are you married?"

Dustin chuckled. He had always dreamed of being popular, but this was insane. The questions made no sense, as he moved towards them. They parted to let him by, and he ignored them. There were still Uz'En on the station, and now that the people knew he was here, there was no reason to hide his actions.

"PED, keep them contained, until I'm done," he said out loud, turning down the hall as people pushed themselves up against the walls to make way for him. Nanobots still swarmed around him, which he had to admit, looked really cool.


There were still eight locations to search for the Uz'En captives, so he headed for the next one that was furthest from here. It was near where the babies had been. When he stepped before the guards, they were waiting for him. They didn't use their guns, though, as too many people had followed him.

Holding his hand up, a swarm of nanobots formed a net across the hallway, directly behind him, so that none of the people would continue to follow him.

"You're not allowed in this section," said one of the guards, in a thickly accented voice.

"I am allowed, and to prove it, that door behind you will open."

As the door behind them began to open, they turned in surprise. He started walking forward, not waiting for them to turn back towards him.

The two guards looked at each other, one touching its ear. Dustin knew that it wouldn't be able to contact anyone because of the interference from the nanobots.

"Move out of the way, now," he said, pausing directly in front of them. As far as they could tell, he had no weapons on him, and his attitude was very confusing to them. After only a moment's hesitation, they both stepped aside.

Creator's Thought

Not even death can oppose him anymore.
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