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Chapter 55 Break Out

Dustin paused to figure out his next move.


'Inform them to hide all traces of me while I rescue the Uz'En. The camera's and other sensing devices need to not see me or those I rescue. No alarms are to go off, and I will need to know when someone is in our way so we don't get discovered.'


Now that he didn't have to worry about being discovered, he slid out from under the floor and took his normal scales under skin form. He needed to look normal for the slaves to not be scared of him, but he needed to be able to survive any attacks the alien guards could dish out.

The first place he had headed to, was at the very bottom of the station. He planned to get the Uz'En to the outside wall, where he would use the nanobots to transfer them to the ship. Granny was waiting to hear from him, so she could move the ship in position, but until then, she was staying close to the A'Dfukl ship, in case Olivia needed her.

Just around the corner, two guards, in heavy gear armor, stood outside the door where the reports showed the first batch of Uz'En were being kept. If he could get past them, he should be free and clear, because the nanobots had already confirmed that only Uz'En were inside the room. The problem was that the guards carried molecular destabilizing guns. Dustin remembered when Olivia had found one, and knew he had to take this thing serious.

With his mind working in overtime, he finally nodded as he came across a plan that should work. Sending some nanobots down the hall, the tiny robots were ignored. As he waited, a sudden whoosh filled the hall, then there was silence. A small amount of green mist drifted around the corner, and Dustin scrambled back out of its way, until it had settled onto the ground and dissipated completely.

Peeking around the corner cautiously, he was rewarded with an empty hall. The only signs that anything had been there, were two damaged guns and the empty armor. The nanobots had punctured through the storage tanks of the two guns', causing them to release the molecular destabilizing mist all over the two aliens.

Reaching for the door, it opened for him, as the nanobots cleared the passcodes for him. With a grin, he entered the room, then froze in horror. Rows and rows of artificial wombs lined the room. Babies were growing under special lights, in various stages of growth. His plan had just gotten infinitely harder.


The white lights along the ceiling highlighted the carnage before her, as Olivia hit the door to the next room. This whole ship had been nothing more than a maze from the beginning, and every time she thought she had killed all of the bugs, more came crawling out of the corners. Though, she had to admit, she hadn't gotten to any of the other decks, only the first one, where she had initially come aboard.

So far, there hadn't been any other races other than the A'Dfukl, though she had found rooms set up as a type of brig. The robots were gone, after she let loose the nanobots to take care of them. As far as she could tell, the ship still hadn't docked, having stopped in its tracks to deal with the hull breach, and then her.

Stepping over a still twitching hand, she looked over the medical lab. Nothing interested her, so she moved on to the sick bay. It was clean, probably never used, so she returned to the door and moved on to the next room. It led to the next deck down. She had ignored it the first time she encountered it, because she wanted to make sure this deck was clear before she headed to the next. Perhaps enough time had passed, the aliens had finished preparing the trap they were making for her, here.

Moving past the ladder leading down, she jumped on the weakened floor plate that the nanobots had prepared for her, breaking it loose and falling down to the next floor. She landed on several aliens that were standing on the next floor, waiting for her to come down, knocking them to the floor, she took a small moment in the surprised hush that followed to take into account how many were in the room, and where they were standing. Then she attacked.

Slicing one across the throat, to her right, with her modified hand blade, she dodged past it as a shot from a pulse blaster flew at her. While the blast wouldn't hurt the ship, it would stun her long enough to be subdued, or killed.

She jumped into the air, shoving her bladed hand into the open mouth of another as it went to scream at her, then slashed out to her left with her other bladed hand, cutting through the tough chitin like butter, and splitting the bug across its abdomen.

Pausing in a kneel, she rolled to the side to avoid another pulse blast, and shot to her feet, slicing another from knee to shoulder. It's four arms shuddered as it fell back, blocking the view of the bug with the blaster, while she dodged to the side, and under the flailing arms, swinging both her arms up from between the legs and kicking up with all her strength, to slice the bug from groin to chin. He blinked once, dropping the blaster, then fell back against the ladder she was supposed to come down.

Flinging the blood from her bladed hands, she moved to the next door. Surely there couldn't be that many more, could there? Pausing at the door, she listened for the tell-tale clicking of their mandibles, if they were waiting for her on the other side, but it was silent. Closing her eyes to focus on a sound she could just barely manage to make out, she realized it was the computer counting down.

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Dark55809 months ago
Soooo what happened to the fact he has a shield that protects him from the molecular destabilizer? Does he no longer have the ability to make it for some reason?
Dator_David3 months ago
Dator_David3 months ago
True He supposedly had a shield from it