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Chapter 43 Fight! Fight!

Returning to the ship form, he flew above the trees, noting that they appeared to be dry and burnt along the edges, as if a great heatwave had recently traveled through the forest. Had the sun shot a round of radiation at the planet?

Dustin didn't know that much about radiation, so he decided to try and ignore the lump that formed in his throat. Flying over the collapsed city in the canyon, he spied the remains of a camp. Dipping lower to get a good look, he could tell that the people that had been camping there were all dead. Their bodies were bloated and rotting.

As he started looking closer, he could see dead animals as he flew, and more trees and plants that seemed to be dying from sun scorch. Hopefully Olivia and Jake were okay. Flying past the first military base, he didn't even bother to stop. The location he had left Olivia seemed to be deserted.

The second military base was deserted when he explored it. He could tell that Olivia had been there, but the A'Dfukl had torn the place apart. It was hard to tell if she had been there before or after them, though he was leaning towards after. They wouldn't still be in orbit if they had captured her.

As he approached the last military base, he landed silently on the cliff above the collapsed entrance, changing to his mech. It was dark as he oversaw the horde of robots below him. It would be so much easier to use his evolution to take these things out, but the solar radiation was obviously ridiculous. He wasn't sure what would happen if he tried to evolve.

Dustin formed a sword with his right mech's arm and prepared to attack.


Olivia heard a noise outside of the room she had chosen to stay in with Jake. He had found the armory and she thought it was perfect. He had been trying on various pieces of oversized armor, trying to find ones that would fit his small frame. She was holding up the two large daggers she had just found, still in remarkable condition, as she turned to investigate the noise. If it was just more robots, she could handle them. It was the aliens she was having a hard time with.

Opening the door, her heart dropped into her stomach. The parking garage, which was easily 100 feet long, was filled with aliens. They were holding restraints and nets, preparing to take her and Jake prisoner. She had killed all of them that had come for them already, but this time they were determined.

Before she could close the door, Jake ran screaming at the first alien. It swung its arm, out of reflex, in a defensive move. The hit connected and Jake went flying back, past her, and hit the wall with a solid thump.

Jerking the door shut, she rushed over to him.

"Jake! Look at me! Don't close your eyes! Jake!"

A smear of blood marred the paleness of his cheek. Tears ran down his face as his breath came in gasps. He struggled to breath.

Gritting her teeth, rage flew through her. Turning to the door, she marched towards it slowly.


"They're all going to die!" she growled, pushing the door open with a bang.


Cloaking, Dustin jumped off the cliff, landing on the first robot, on the ledge just below him. Running past the other two, next to it, he slashed easily through them both. Jumping down again, his cloak gave way and he ran past five more, slashing them, before jumping over one and slicing another through the middle of its torso. Grabbing the arm of one that lay twitching, he swung around and knocked several against the cliff side. Standing up, he looked around at the remaining robots. They paused before surging towards him.


Olivia gave a scream of rage and grabbed up her daggers. Running at one of the aliens, she slid on her knees, slicing through the alien's leg, and stabbing it in the back as she slid past it. Using her momentum to stand, she turned and swept the legs out from under another that was charging towards her. As it landed on the ground, she stabbed her dagger into its heart, before turning towards the next as it went to swing at her. Stepping inside its swing, she grabbed it by the head and swung it around, throwing it against the wall, where it slid down and slumped to the ground.


Sliding under the whip of one robot, he started stabbing the robots that surrounded him, turning to the next as he cut through one, moving in sure quick strokes that sent nanobots flying through the air like sprays of blood.


Landing on an alien, Olivia shoved her dagger into its chest and looked up, baring her teeth in fury at the others around her.


Shaking his sword arm to his side to get the loose nanobots off of it, he stood in the destroyed clearing. Robot pieces lay scattered around him. Sending his swarm out, he soon had control of them all. It was time to find Olivia.


Breathing hard, she backed into the corner, switching her dagger to her other hand, while she touched Jake's still form. He was still breathing, barely, but there was a lot of blood puddled under him.


A cloud of nanobots swarmed through the halls, leading him to her. They disabled any robots they came across, growing his cloud. As they encountered the first of the aliens, he gave them orders to kill. He stepped into the parking garage, and noted the various bodies littering the ground. Ignoring the struggling forms covered and smothered by his nanobots, he moved forward to the wall they had formed around Olivia. She glared up at him, as he swept them to the side.

"Took you long enough," she panted, holding her belly, perched over Jake's still form.

Creator's Thought

I hope you didn't mind the format I took with this chapter. I was a little apprehensive about throwing the action between the two, together like this, but when I tried to separate it, the flow wasn't as good.
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Keht_Jelicho12 months ago
Love the back and forth flow. It was a great way to show the parallel action as the got close to meeting once again.
Enlightener11 months ago
Enlightener12 months ago
Man of war is Dustin