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Chapter 40 Station Trading

"Are you talking to me?" he asked quietly. He was honestly amused. These aliens looked like some kids cartoon character.

The alien puffed up in anger and pushed past a group of small four-legged aliens to stand in front of him.

"You really shouldn't wave you arm like that. It is rather insulting."

Everything was insulting in this body, he thought, but watched instead as the alien grew darker in color and started screaming.

"You stole from my people! You will return it to us now!"

"No." Dustin watched its eyes bulge in anger.

"You will die!"

"You don't have to repeat yourself, I heard you the first time."

Its mouth seemed to be chewing on something, then it screamed, "You will die so hard, you will die to death!"

Dustin stared at it for a moment, listening to Granny chuckle in his ear. Did it just say that? He waved one of his arms in confusion, and the alien jumped back chittering.

"Ooooh, that was a good insult!" giggled Granny. She giggled!

Shaking his head, Dustin saw the alien shaking, it was so mad.

"How dare you insult me in this manner! I shall kill you and all your brood kin!"

This was too much, Dustin couldn't help it any more and broke out laughing. Everyone immediately ran from the area.

"That's great! I didn't even know you knew that insult!" Granny laughed.

Dustin watched as the alien in front of him turned a nice shade of green.

"You! How dare you! Insulting my queen! We will destroy all your eggs until all your kind are decimated! We will hunt you until every egg is destroyed!"

Guards appeared by now, and restrained the alien.

"We are detecting high levels of hostility in your system. If you do not come with us right now, you will be killed."

The alien allowed them to drag it away, but it shouted over its shoulder, "I will live today to tell my kind of your evils! You will never survive this outrage!"

Shaking his head at the insanity of it all, he turned to the stall and pointed to several different things. The stall owner, a tall thin alien, with light turquoise coloring and big pink eyes, rushed to package the foods he pointed at. After paying to have it all delivered back to his ship, he moved on to several other stalls.

Before he was done, he had bought clothing, shoes, more food, and fuel for the ship. As he got into the elevator to return to the floor where the docking port was, he noticed a floor that hadn't been available on the other elevators he had been to. It required him to pay to visit it. Swiping his card next to the floor, the elevator began to drop quickly. He wondered how much it had taken from him to be allowed to visit, but decided he had plenty to spend.

As the doors opened, he suddenly realized why this floor was restricted. Slaves were chained to the floor. As far as his eyes could see, aliens of different types walked along, perusing the slaves, as if they were nothing more than interesting rocks. Occasionally one would stop and raise an arm, or tentacle, into the air, and a small flying alien would swoop over to finish the transaction.

"This place is illegal. They must have only allowed you access because of how much money you have," explained Granny.

As he stepped out of the elevator, he noted that the flying aliens were perched on ledges all over the ceiling of the massive area. They watched each of the possible buyers carefully, so that if a decision was made to make a purchase, they could respond immediately.

Dustin wondered if there were any Uz'En here. Most of the slaves were skinny, but otherwise well cared for. None looked overly impressive. He didn't recognize a lot of the races, and figured they were probably rare.

'PED, can you send out nanobots to search the area for Uz'En, without being caught?'


Making his way down a row of scantily clad aliens, he started hearing pings. It was interesting because he was hearing the nanobots talking to him. Heading in the direction of the pings, he saw a group of people who could have easily passed for human. Each one had a nanobot on them, pinging him to signal that the people were actually Uz'En.

As he approached them, fear bloomed in their eyes and they all cringed away from him. He was momentarily confused, until he remembered that he was in the form of an A'Dfukl. Waving at the flying aliens, one flew down to him.

"How may such an insignificant creature such as I help you?" it asked, bowing low.

"I am interested in this group. How do I get them?" He motioned at the Uz'En, and several broke out in quiet sobs.

"We do not normally sell so many at once, but I believe an exception can be made. One moment while I gather the data you requested."

He watched it fly back up to its perch and accessed a cleverly hidden console. After a moment, it returned.

"I am told that you may purchase all of them. Would you like to have them delivered to your ship?"

"Yes," he said, handing it his card. "I am looking to leave immediately. I will travel with them as you take them."

The alien paused. It's small body shuddered and it shook its head.

"I'm sorry, but that is not allowed. If you are concerned about any treatment towards your property, I can assure you…"

Dustin stepped towards it. "If you will not allow me to go with them, then they can go with me."

"Slaves are not allowed on the main trade decks…"

"Then I assume there is an alternate route I can take with my property?"

It licked its lips, and glanced over at them. There were nine of them, four men and five women. They were all about the same age, late teens early twenties. Perfect breeding ages.

"Of course, allow me to process the transaction."

It quickly flew up and started typing furiously into its console. It was amusing to watch the other flying aliens, glance at the situation and immediately turn away so as not to be dragged into the situation. When it returned, its entire attitude had changed.

"Please follow me and I will show you the way back to your ship." It removed the chains from the nine and gave him a control for their collars. Glancing over it, he saw that it would shock them and deliver pain if he pushed a certain button. If he intended to shock one, it would shock them all.

Holding it up, he motioned for them to follow. They didn't hesitate, but it was obvious they weren't broken either. The trip back was very quick. As they were sent ahead into the ship, the flying alien handed him back his card.

"Pleasure doing business with you!"

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