The Demon Queen System




Chased down and murdered by the one that she loved, she swears to hunt down and murder his kin in her next life.

Reborn into a family of nobles as a mix-breed, she's been gifted in this life 'The Demon Queen System.' A gift for the one that is fated to become the villain of this world.

Treated like scum and hated by the people in her family, she'll rise from the dirt to show these people she's not trash.

In this life, she wouldn't fall prey to the same as her last.

Watch as she wades her way through a treacherous world of deceit, warfare and maybe even love, as she becomes the strongest in the world on her path to becoming the Demon Queen.


Don't own the image for my cover!

I'm writing this for the system contest, please let me know what you guys think of it!

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