Marvel Invincible Talisman




Jack Ming who is half Chinese half American accidentally crossed to Marvel movie universe.

For this dangerous world, Jack Ming sends out a tragic roar: let me go back!

but.................when he found out that he had the power of the Zodiac talismans from the adventure of Jacky Chan, not only that but he could also travel to other fantasy worlds alike movies, novel, manga, anime. Jack Ming said - don't be jealous!

Iron Monger, spicy chicken!

  Abomination, spicy chicken!

   Chitauri army, spicy 5 slags!

  Collected 6 gems from the tyrant? Uh... of course, that is a must.

watch as Jack dominates the multiverse

note: there are anime; novel; and others

note2: everything here is fictional and doesn't have anything to do with other characters.

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