Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of the Underworld




After her gruesome death, Seraphina Yue woke up 6 years in the past.

"Bloody hell! Did I survive hell?"


In the past 6 years, Seraphina Yue lost her memories due to an unprecedented car crash. In those last 6 years of her life, she was haunted, tortured, she witnessed the few people she cares about dimmed with lifelessness and eventually was killed without knowing why they were after her.

Alas, just as she thought she was dead, Seraphina Yue found herself waking up from where her nightmare began along with her forgotten memories in the past and the future occurrence.

Was it a curse or a blessing in disguise?

Was she dreaming or hallucinating?

Was the truth she knew was the actual truth or just a whole circus of deceit?

And lastly, was regaining her memories back would able to turn things around or will it only shamble everything all over again?


Catch me on discord: BAJJ#2931

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Cover photo not mine. All credits to the rightful owner.

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