Angel Smile




The background is set in a quiet small town on the outskirts of Seoul. In this town, people were friendly, except for one particular neighbourhood.

In this neighbourhood, everybody lived their lives as if treading on eggshells, all because of one particular household: the Lees.

People surnamed Lee were a dime a dozen, but these particular set of Lees were unique. Dysfunctional.

The family consisted of four people; the father and breadwinner Lee Do Joon, the delinquent son Lee Hyuk, the top student Lee Gun, and the town's most beautiful girl Lee Yeo Ri.

Lee Yeo Ri was regarded as a saving grace, but before anybody knew it, the saving grace was slowly disintegrating from within.

Hidden underneath her perfect, angelic smile, was a girl who was slowly being crushed and torn apart.

This is her story.

TRIGGER WARNING — This story contains depictions of rape.

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