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(Going to be slow releases the week of 2/24 - 3/1. Slightly unwell and working all day Mon-Fri, so only expecting one chapter / 2 days)

Ivan Storme was once a billionaire, a man who ruled with money. His company operated in all sectors across Earth and was publicly renowned. However, Ivan had built most of his power with shady and illegal means, often conducting inhumane actions for the sake of profit. When this information was discovered and released to the public, he was forced to flee or face a life sentence behind bars.

With all of his past accomplishments and fortune crumbling before him and with no path of survival in front of him, Ivan took desperate measures to escape pursuit. He contacted an illegal human experimentation facility and paid all the money he had on hand to be cryogenically frozen in stasis for 200 years when the technology to revive someone from such a state existed.

When he woke up from stasis and was expecting a new life in a highly developed world filled with flying cars and holographic projections, instead he woke up to an unfamiliar environment in a completely different galaxy..

Ivan was sure of only one thing. The time he slept for was definitely not 200 years.

From the author: This has been on my mind for a long time so I have decided to put pen to paper, metaphorically. I'm currently doing an average 7ch/week + extras as I like, I will update this of any changes.

P.S. I don't proofread or edit. Doing so annoys me far more than you would be reading it. It's pretty clean already so for any typos, treat them as me testing your adaptability. ^.^

Comment any major errors and thou shalt be fixed

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