I accidentally married a "CEO"





Jeffry Go, CEO of the biggest Empire in Asia, super-rich and powerful. Jeff is the most sought out bachelor in the whole Country.

A man who gets whatever he wanted, no exception!

Until he accidentally met his match...


Joanna Wen Tan an orphan, destitute, very much single... and looking for a husband.

Her grandmother passed away, leaving her penniless and soon to become homeless.

She needed money asap. Luckily she was offered a job, with one condition, she must be married. No exception!

Jeff and Ann accidentally meet...


Two people who are as different as day and night accidentally met at the club and made an arrangement that would change their lives and themselves forever... The agreement was...

"A fake marriage."

Hence, the love story begins...


Why not journey with me and find out if they stayed together or if they end up in a divorce court...


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Thank you!

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Alexa W. Grant is a beautiful 19-year-old half-American, half-Filipino. With her blinding beauty, pure kind heart, and alluring body... Three handsome Princes would do anything to have her... In or out of bed... Thus, she always keeps them at arm's length. ++++ Nineteen years old Alexa Grant grew up in a poverty-stricken life. As long as she could remember, she was always at the end of the rope, fighting for her survival. There was not a day goes by that she didn't pray to the good Lord to grant her wish... A better life, nothing more... Unfortunately, no matter how hard she works herself, it seems that God had forgotten her. While all the other children have a family to call, she, on the other hand, was an orphan. When Alexa was only a baby, her Filipino mother left her in the care of her nanny in the Philippines. She needed to head back to America to continue her career to support her young fatherless child. However, an unfortunate event occurred, and Alexa's mother died during the 911 terrorist attack in New York City. She was leaving her orphan with no family to call her own. Grandmother Santos, her governess, gladly took her in and raised her as her grandchild. It was not because he cares for her; it was because of the monthly income that would be given to her legal guardian. Thus, grandmother Santos made sure that she became Alexa's legal guardian. After 19 years of struggling, Alexa's wish had come true. With recent technology, she was found by the investigator her biological father had hired. Hold and behold; her biological father is the current President of the United States Of America... Alexa was astounded when she was asked to move in at the White House... Thus, her new life begins... She would meet not only one but three princes in her new life. The President's daughter will have a Royal Whirlwind Romance... Come and join me and see how Alexa would handle her whirlwind romances with the Royal Princes... ++++ If you enjoy reading this book, please consider supporting what I do. Vote for this book to get into the ranking. https://ko-fi.com/ajzhen

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