The CEO's cute girlfriend is a werewolf




When they were young, they met and fell in love. She knew then that he was the One. But the past came hunting her, tearing them apart.

Now they older. He is successful, handsome. Every girl's dream man.

She is penniless, a desperate girl with two kids... and a werewolf.

What can be a more unlikely couple?

But the moon whisper otherwise!



Some of the chapters may contain an explicit violence, curse word, some hinting on sexual content.

Especially 7 chapter can inflame some sensitive people. I didn't portrait this event in any positive way and it is not repeated in the story again.

So please understand, that it was needed to portrait overall emotional background.

It is not a light and bright story all the time. There are some funny moments, some sweet and fluffy, and some sad and dark.

So, I warned you, hope those, who won't get scared by the things mentioned above, will enjoy the read.

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