Ultimate Goddess System




After undergoing a traumatic experience set up by her stepsister, Xiao Yunhua ended her life at the tender age of eighteen. Instead of going on to the afterlife or the cycle of reincarnation, she found herself forced to bound to a goddess system.

For the condition of going to different worlds and stealing the hearts of different ‘targets’, Xiao Yunhua was promised unparalleled beauty and talent.

But the further she went, the more that she realized there was a sinister ploy at play.

The system that was meant for making her feel and be more beautiful... was all a game of manipulation?


7+ updates every week, depending on how busy author is.

Current cover is based on arc/volume TWO.

Cover will change when there’s a new arc/volume.

Join the Discord family! https://discord.gg/rrZguqp where there will be spoilers, future arc cover reveals, and general chatting about anything.

STARTS OFF VERY DARK (check the rating), BUT TIES BACK TO THE END OF THE BOOK. Actual book starts on about chapter 18 when things begin to progress, so before then, please be patient.

There is also a review posted by the author that clarifies some things (contains SPOILERS). This book is technically a quick transmigration book, although each arc (volume) is really long.

This is NOT a harem in any way. There is a ML. Just be patient, surprisingly...I know what I’m doing and it’ll tie together lol

That’s all. If you end up reading, then happy reading! Otherwise, thank you for checking out this book <3


I’ve made a Ko-fi account to motivate my brain cells to write faster. If you could, please drop by and make me a happy camper. It would mean a lot! ♥️


Thank you!

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