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After Snow died, he was a rare soul karma that has been able to reach the requirement of balancing both of his Good and Bad Karma in his repeated reincarnations and has been granted a privelages to become a Granter, where he can travel different worlds fulfilling the departed souls wishes and regrets in their moment of deaths, along with his System Flake, the special soul that was born and exist for him.

System Flake (Worried) : "What should we do Snow?"

Host Snow (Confident): "Don't worry Flake, I got it all planned!"

Clever calm blue eyes gaze on someone, "Look Flake, that person will be our cheat to make our mission easier, a gold thigh!"

Mysterious person with a deep and profound gaze, stare at the person who suddenly appeared before him: "Oh? Come, come, I will take care of you."

Later on...

System Flake (Excited): "Snow, Flake found another gold thigh for you!"

Host Snow: "..."

What to do? His adorable Flake seemed to think that he could not complete his mission without a gold thigh? Urgent online! QQ

Mysterious Person smile evilly: "Found you, you cant escape, I'll take care of you for eternity."

Warning: Bl, boy love, don't read if you don't like it, thank you.

Warning: Mature Contents later on~ LONG ARCS!

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To My Lovely Readers:

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