Epiphany of the Weak




The strong rules over the weak. It has been a golden rule since ancient times. And so, weak people were discriminated, treated with injustice.

In this story, we follow Ava, a 10-year-old girl who got caught in the attack of her own settlement by a military force.

Through an incident, Ava realized the power within her gene, Aegis. With her newfound power capable of overwhelming any weapon and armor the army possessed, she paved her own way of finding her parents.

What follows her afterwards were nothing that could be considered as happy. At least, not from the point of view, of a 10 year old girl.



Novel Genre:

- Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Action and Adventure, Psychological, Science Fantasy, Thriller, Grimdark, Weird Menace


#Story is also published at royalroad.com

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