The Devil WithInn




Inna Lovenhart was tricked by her friends to visit an event in Akihabara while she was in Japan. All because of their selfish request.

Albeit furious, she decided to get it done and over with. But while doing so, she was chosen (more like forced) to be a participant for a publicity stunt.

They promised her a chance at reincarnation through a portal (which she believed was utter bull****).

But before she can react, she was pushed towards different worlds filled with scary beings, and evil greedy humans, while being chased by a King whose beauty and power cannot be compared to any mortal alive!

But wait a minute, what did that old kid just say?

She didn't actually reincarnate!?


Warning: This whole book consists of swearing. Like, A LOT of swearing, and mild gore and violence as well. You have been warned..... :)



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