The Phoenix Aspect





Jayde is a genetically engineered super soldier, after decades of being forced by her human creators to fight their dirty wars, Jayde rebelled. During a desperate battle for the ultimate survival of her people, she is betrayed and dies.

Instead of it being the end, this is only the beginning of Jayde's journey, as she awakens on a strange new world, in the tortured body of a young girl.

Forget technology, this new world doesn't have spaceships, replicators or blasters, it has something better — Magic!

With her contract to an ancient artifact, Jayde has to navigate her way through this new world filled with magic, powerful mages, strange creatures, and monsters.


Ren, the fierce demon king, must fight to save his race from the brink of extinction and once again stop the evil Zartonesh from invading the realms. The key to his success lies in the Lower Realm, where the Devil Wars began, and with a young woman whose soul is steeped in darkness, whose presence awakens the primal fury within his soul, and whose vast power can either save or destroy him and his people.


Follow Jayde’s journey as she replaces her blaster for a sword. Alone with only her guide, she has to navigate her way around this strange new universe, learning magic, traveling to different dimensions as she makes new friends and enemies.

Will the darkness in her soul allow her to find her true-mate? Will she ultimately save this world or will she destroy it?

WARNING: Please note that this story is a slow-moving romance.

TAGS: Female Protagonist, Adventure, Transmigration, Pets, Strong FL, Late Romance, Revenge, Inter-Dimensional Travel, System, Sword and Magic, Weak to Strong

Novel Started: 18 Jan 2019.

NB: Please note that I am busy writing and editing at the same time, so there are still quite a few chapters that have spelling and grammar mistakes, so please bear with me as I get to them to fix those errors.


1 Chapter per day (Minimum) / 7 Chapters per week. Although I do try to release more.



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